Wednesday, July 17, 2013

All Transgender and Sexual (Mis-)Identity Advocates, Please Read This

A portal icon for Portal:Transgender, based on...
A portal icon for Portal:Transgender, based on File:Portal LGBT.svg. Gradient from pink (feminine) to blue (masculine) (and shades in-between) to represent the spectrum of gender identity. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
It has nothing to do with sex.

Chloe Jennings-White suffers from a rare psychological condition known as Body Integrity Identity Disorder. An able-bodied 58-year-old woman, Jennings-White fantasizes about being a paraplegic and wants to undergo spinal surgery to make her legs stop working, The Sun reported.
* * * 
“I’ll never be able to afford it, but I know I won’t regret it if I ever can, and I don’t know why it upsets people,” Jennings-White told The Sun.
She's a parapalegic living inside a whole person's body.

And if it were sexual, it wouldn't be a "disorder".

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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Media Watch: "White Guy" Zimmerman vs. "Six Bored Cincinnati Teens"

I'm still trying to process why Trayvon Martin's regrettable death was magnified and "Americanized" into some kind of national event.

Why, for example, was this crime not elevated to a national event?

Authorities say the Cincinnati-area man who was badly beaten by six teens almost a year ago in a Cincinnati suburb has died. 
Pat Mahaney, 46, died yesterday in the University of Cincinnati Medical Center, said Julie Wilson, spokeswoman for the Hamilton County prosecutor’s office. 
The six teens, all 13 or 14, injured Mahaney in August and told police they did it because they were bored and looking for something to do.  
Mahoney, a white guy, was returning home with a six-pack of beer. The six teens were black. You won't hear this from the media.

Why? On what criteria does the media magnify one event, stressing race at every opportunity (to the point of misrepresenting Zimmerman's race and fabricating false audios of Zimmerman), while religiously avoiding the mention of race in other instances?

Does this not make the left-wing media de facto racist and engaged in something other than disinterested reporting?

Please keep comments civil.

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Monday, July 15, 2013

The Zimmerman "Race Riots": Blame the Media

Skittles (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I'm blaming the media for the Zimmerman "race riots" or whatever they are called these days. Normally the media bend over backwards to minimize racial aspects of crime -- especially when it is blacks on the doing end. But, in this case, they went out of their way to emphasize race. The victim was black; the perp was white. Except, he was hispanic; so he morphed into a "white hispanic". Then, they created a story-line, a narrative: innocent-eyed black child (cue the photo as a 12-year-old) buying candy mowed down by white vigilante.

In fact:

* Martin was a 17 year old "child", not 12

* the neighborhood, and Zimmerman himself, had been plagued by burglaries, most if not all perped by black youth (the media downplayed this dimension). Being watchful seems a reasonable response.

* Martin had been caught defacing school property and with a bag of lady's jewelry, and a screwdriver that could be used as a burglary tool, and no good explanation for why he had the jewelry or where he got it from. In other words, he was likely involved in burglaries either as a perp or a fence. This was not reported as crime proceeds because the local police were under a directive to "reduce" crime by black youths (once again the race angle); so it was simply reported as "found items". There is a good chance the guy Zimmerman thought  suspicious had, in fact, burglarized at least once.

* According to Martin tweets, the Skittles and the beverage he bought were two out of the three ingredients needed to make a home-made hallucinogenic. A less innocent spin on the Skittles and "iced tea" (it was actually a watermelon concoction) promoted by the media.

* Based on the phone call to his girlfriend, Martin clearly had an "attitude" of racial enmity towards whites -- "crackers".

*  There is little doubt that it was Martin on top of Zimmerman, breaking his nose and bashing his head against the concrete sidewalk, and not Zimmerman on top of Martin. This fact didn't fit the media narrative so it was seriously downplayed.

* There is no evidence that Zimmerman initiated the contact/confrontation with Martin, although the media narrative was that he had. He claims he was ambushed. When told by police there was video of the altercation, he reportedly said, "thank God".

* Given the wounds to Zimmerman, it's pretty clear who the guy was screaming "help, help".

* **

It is tragic that the only weapon Zimmerman had was a gun. Martin may well have been a minor perp heading for punkdom, but he didn't deserve to die. Too bad Zimmerman didn't have pepper spray or something. It's also too bad that in shooting Martin, the shot was lethal. Unfortunately, regardless of who started it, if you find yourself on your back getting your nose broken and your head bashed against a concrete sidewalk, at some point you are going to take whatever you have in hand and defend yourself. Unfortunately, it was a gun.

I think "not guilty" was the only verdict open to the jurors based on the evidence at hand and I blame the media for puffing up this black hat/white hat, good guy-bad guy narrative and I lay the blame for the unlawful, violent demonstrations that America in now experiencing at their feet.

I'm open to be corrected. Please keep any comments civil and constructive.

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Wednesday, July 03, 2013

You Gotta "Like" Big Government!

State Department bureau spent $630,000 on Facebook 'likes'.

$630,000? Not even worth talking about. Just a thousand working stiffs chipping in $630 of their hard-earned money to a sinkhole government.

And that's the way the Ball -- like it or not -- Bounces.

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