Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The IMF Should Pick Canada

International Monetary Fund's Managing Directo...                         Image via Wikipedia
The IMF is in a scramble after their go-to guy was dumped after being charged with a heinous sexual assault.  Apparently they're flailing about looking for a strong leader to help navigate the Eurozone through hazardous waters.
"If there were a strong political leader in place, this person might be able to steer the course and bridge the gap. But we see the institution has become more conservative and is playing things by the book and becoming risk-averse," said Domenico Lombardi, a former member of the IMF executive board....
Meanwhile, some mainly U.S. and British analysts have argued it would be better if the next IMF chief came from outside the euro zone precisely to take a tougher, less indulgent approach to the debt crisis rather than throw more money at the problem.
Here's a thought. The IMF should pick a leader from a G8 country with the strongest, most stable banking system in the world.

And that would be Canada, would it not?
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Monday, May 30, 2011

Middle East Airlines?

Airbus 330 MEA        Image by Dr. Jaus via Flickr
I've flown a lot, but never heard of Middle East Airlines until today.
One witness likened the scene on the Middle East Airlines service to "something from Lord Of The Flies" as passengers raided the galley for meal trays and a Lebanese woman suffered heart palpitations. 
Speaking from Beirut, one London-based businessman today said: "The stewards told us there would be delays due to the bad weather. After four hours, one man had a bit too much to drink and began bouncing around and had to be removed.
"The atmosphere was very tense and a middle-aged man told the crew member he was an idiot and that was when the pushing and shoving began. The captain came out once and I told him he had failed in his duty, to which he replied that I should fly the plane."
Too bad Jack Bauer wasn't on board. He could have flown the plane.

Don't think I'll be adding flying Middle East Airlines to my "must do" list any time soon.

article h/t Drudge
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Sunday, May 29, 2011

File "B" for Bonkers: Naming UK Thief May Harm Him

 Leftist bonkerdom, UK-style:
The 15-year-old Romanian from a family living on benefits has been locked up six times in the past for repeated thieving while posing as a beggar, taking money from victims at cashpoints.
Manchester magistrates locked him up for a seventh time after hearing of eight new offences, including stealing a family’s Christmas present money.
But when asked by the media to name him so that potential future victims can spot him, magistrates refused because “it was not in the public interest” and applied a gagging order.
The boy was made subject to a detention and training order for 12 months
Lib Dem MP John Hemming, who this week used Parliamentary privilege to get round an injunction shielding soccer star Ryan Giggs’ extra-marital affair, expressed his fury at another breach of the public’s right to know.
Mr Hemming said: “It is usually a good idea to protect the identities of young offenders because it may help to encourage them back on the straight and narrow.
“But in this case it looks like he is someone who does not want to change his ways and clearly people need to be warned about who he is and what he looks like.
Read more:

Friday, May 27, 2011

Breaking: US Government Allows Pastor To Say Jesus

Well, that's reassuring.

h/t Drudge.

At Last: Clear Scientific Evidence Of Global Warming

Scientific studies on climate helped establish...                     Image via Wikipedia
Global warming believers rejoice. AGW deniers, eat dirt.

Finally. Scientists have come up with real, data-based evidence of world-wide global warming at the turn of the millennium. Ha ha ha. Deniers, we mock you! If Al Gore knew this, he would be dancing in his grave. Wait a minute. He's not dead yet. Al Gore is dancing in his mansion and his houseboat.

Well, there might be one tiny problem. The global warming took place at the end of the first millennium rather than at the end of the second. And it was a lot hotter than now.

Lawrence Solomon has another solid article on the controversy.
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Thou Shalt Not Steal: Repairman Refills ATM With Counterfeit Bills

Nice ATM                    Image via Wikipedia
REDWOOD CITY (CBS SF) – It was en elaborate heist that nearly paid off, big time. An ATM repairman swapped out fake bills for real cash, police said, getting away with $200,000.
The phony $20 bills coming out of some Bank of America automated bank machines last July 4 didn’t fool anyone. They were printed on a photocopier and stuffed into the ATM by a serviceman, who took the real money and fled, according to investigators.
Hey, this dude even looks like a Bay Area guy.
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Mock Petition To Redistribute GPA Scores

Icon from Nuvola icon theme for KDE 3.x.         Image via               Wikipedia
Watch a guy interviewing students, asking them to support an initiative to confiscate overly-high GPA scores and redistribute them among students with marginal or failing GPAs. They confiscate and redistribute high wages, don't they?

The video is at a site called exposingleftists.
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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Target Targets Canada

Logo of Target, US-based retail chain                                          Image via Wikipedia
Target is coming to Canada.

The Ball Bounces approves!

Target is upscale from Wal Mart but still has low prices while emphasizing style. Very pleasant shopping experience.
Target Corp. has announced the first 105 locations that it will take over from Zellers when it begins opening stores in Canada in early 2013.
“This is just the first wave,” Target Canada president Tony Fisher told media in a presentation in Chicago Thursday.
The list includes properties in 10 provinces; 13 in Alberta, 15 in British Columbia, five in Manitoba, one in New Brunswick, two in Newfoundland and Labrador, two in Nova Scotia, 45 in Ontario, one in PEI, 19 in Quebec, and two in Saskatchewan.
Hey, this means the Zellars store in Charlottetown (PEI) is going to become a Target. Good news for Islanders! We're also getting one here in North York (Toronto) at the Centerpoint Mall. That's good!

Are you getting one? Check it out!
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Who Works Harder: Public or Private Sector Workers?

Canadian Union of Postal WorkersImage via Wikipedia
Who works harder: public or private sector workers?
Public sector workers were much more likely to miss work, skipping 11.8 days of work time in 2010 for personal reasons, compared with 8.2 days for their private-sector counterparts. Unionized employees were similarly more likely to miss work. Full-time workers who belonged to unions, or who were covered by collective agreements, missed an average of 12.9 work days for personal reasons in 2010, compared with 7.3 days for their non-unionized counterparts.
Someone said 90% of life is simply showing up. True. While this maxim applies to life in general, it increasingly applies less when you work for Big Government, or Big Unions -- whose idea of nirvana is to be paid an infinite amount for not working at all.

PS -- don't forget to vote in the latest Ball bounces poll. Send a message to the CUPW union. Our local postal outlet used to have a Saturday pick-up. Gone -- you can see where they ripped off the label. Our local outlet box used to have twice-daily pick-up. Gone. Trying to get by with doing less. And threatening to strike. Please vote.

Winnipeg Free Press, via Macleans.
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The "I've Got A Secret" Gender-Neutral Kid: Let Freedom Reign!

Kids on a road near Rishikesh, India. They are...                          Image via Wikipedia
While we are on the subject of raising a child to be free as a bird:

In addition to total gender freedom, shouldn't the he/she child also get to decide whether he/she/they want to identify as a human being? Isn't identification as a human being constraining? Where's the freedom in that? Isn't being a human being just a social construct? Aren't we all really just animals among other animals? Shouldn't the kid decide whether he excuse me she excuse me it wants to identify as a human being? Let freedom reign!

And what about parenting? What if the child doesn't want to be the child of this couple? What if the child wants to be the child of a dog or a cat or a (free as a) bird? Are these parents going to constrain this kid and potentially ruin its life (I use its advisedly) by insisting that it identify as their child? Isn't that imposing their will on the kid? Having a mom and a dad is so 1950s. Haven't we, you know, progressed since then?  How dare they present themselves as this child's parents and reinforce ancient role stereotypes. Let freedom reign!

And what about English? Language is a social construct. We invent reality by the words we use (so we're told). I hope these parents aren't forcing English on this kid. Let him come up with excuse me let it come up with its own language -- let freedom reign!

And, how do you really know that kid wants that diaper changed? Remember, as the parents themselves said, a person is not defined by what they have inside their pants! Let freedom reign!! Let the scent of freedom waft across this great nation, from coast to coast to sea to sea!  I have a dream!!!

Imagine there's no gender... it's easy if you try... someday the world may join me... and the sexes be as one.

I have a dream!

And that's the way the Ball bounces.
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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The "I've Got A Secret" Kid's Theme Song: "I'm In With The It Crowd"

Coat of arms of Toronto                Image via Wikipedia
One of the dilemmas the "progressive" Toronto couple has regarding their I've-got-a-secret gender-neutral kid is this: what songs can we sing to shim/heshe/shehe? Can't sing boy songs if he's a boy; that's reinforcing gender stereotypes. Can't sing girl songs if he's a boy; that would by lying and arguably abusive. What to do, what to do?

The Ball Bounces to the rescue. Raising a kid as a genderless "it"? Here we go. To the tune of "I'm In With The In Crowd".

I'm in with the "it" crowd;
I go where the "it"crowd goes.
I'm in with the "it"crowd;
And I know what the "it" crowd knows.
Any time of the year, don’t you hear?
Dressin' fine; makin' time.
We breeze up and down the street;
We may get looks from the people we meet.

They make way day or night;
They know the "it"crowd is out of sight.
I'm in with the "it" crowd;
I know every boygirl glance
When you've in with the "it" crowd,
It's so easy to find romance!
Any time of the year, don't you hear?
If it's square, we ain't there.
We make every minute count;
Our share is always the biggest amount.
Other girlguys look like us, but the original is still the greatest.
"It" crowd!

And that's the way the Ball bounces.
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Perfectly Put: Barbara Kay On Canada's "I've Got A Secret" Kid

Skyline of Toronto                       Image via Wikipedia
The Ball Bounces initiates a new post category: Perfectly Put. Perfectly Put entries will be characterized by their soundness of thought (content) and excellence in expression (style).  They fall into the "I wish I had said that" category.

The first entry is Barbara Kay's response to the Toronto couple who are seeking to raise humanity's bar by raising an unsexed, sexually neutral, sexless, gender-stereotype-free kid -- "free as a bird" to put it in Lennonesque terms. As for the idea itself,  it's "for the birds" (maintaining the ornithological analogy). Here's Barbara Kay:
Free will has its limitations. One such limitation is human biology. The denial of biological reality by highly educated, but humanly naive “progressives” — and their choice to privilege the “world” over the needs and rights of their own children — speaks more to their narcissism than to their idealism.
The book about X, the child with no gender, is a product of second-wave feminism’s fevered mania for erasing biological essentialism. Its author was apparently convinced that if you merely willed human nature’s demise, a post-gender society was no dream. But to anyone with common sense, the story is a ludicrous fantasy, inspiration fit only for comic exploitation, like the Here’s Pat series on Saturday Night Live in the 1990s.
Up to now, according to a media report, some of Witterick’s and Stocker’s friends and family have chosen to be supportive of the couple’s experiment. They would do those children a greater service if they deferred to their judgmental gut instincts. This misguided couple needs intervention before their adult folie à deux becomes a children’s tragedy à trois.
Read all about it.
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Michael Savage Voted Off The Island

Photograph of Brittania statue, taken 13th Jun...                          Image via Wikipedia
Conservative US talk show guy Michael Savage has been banned from the UK. Again. It's like getting voted off the island twice. Except he was never on the island, and there was no vote.

Savage's exclusion was clearly political --  the UK needed a white guy to balance all the radical Muslims on the banned list. Must. Not. Discriminate.

Funny thing, Savage had never indicated he even wanted to go to the UK. Kind of like a girl putting out a preemptive will-not-date-you list of boys that have expressed no interest in dating her.

For the record, I like Michael Savage.

And PC Britain is bonkers, so this action is not unexpected.

h/t Drudge.
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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

New Ball Bounces Poll: CUPW Postal Workers Strike Threat

Canadian Union of Postal WorkersImage via Wikipedia
See this, and then vote in the latest Ball Bounces poll, on the left of this page.
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Marginalization of Christians and Christianity in Canada

Flag of Canada over country contourImage via Wikipedia
Marginalization of Christians and Christianity in Canada; or, to cut to the chase: "gays good, Christians bad". Repeat until second nature, then, go out and get the story!

You can file this under "media bias", or, more simply, "CBC".
In Ottawa, a crowd of as many as 18,000 people gathered to march in support of the unborn and to oppose abortion. The RCMP suggested the figure was closer to 10,000, and other experts on grid measurement thought 15,000 more accurate. Not the CBC though. They confidently explained that 5,000 people were at the peaceful gathering.
Michael Coren weighs in.

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My Sex: I've Got A Secret

A boy on a bicycle with a Toronto Star newspap...                       Image of "a boy" via Wikipedia
Parents raise offspring as a no-gender/pick-your-own-gender/do your own thing/I gotta be me/ kid.

Because sex, or "gender" is just a socially constructed role, right?

Wrong. "In the beginning God created man... male and female created he them". Kind of a basic, kindergarten building-block starting-point for true knowledge about the human species. Who ever thought we would need revelation to figure this out?!

Goin' out on a limb. I'm guessing the parents a) didn't vote Conservative, and b) are new age if they have religious leanings.

I do annual volunteer teaching in Africa. More and more as I tell them tales from the sophisticated, advanced West, they stare back at me in expressions ranging from bewildered amazement to amazed bewilderment. And we are teaching them?

I wish these kids happy lives. May God look down on them and bless them, and not "visit the sins of their parents" on them.

And the beat goes on.

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Canadian Union of Postal Workers "Keeps Its Options Open"

Canadian Union of Postal WorkersImage via Wikipedia
Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) "Keeps Its Options Open"

I would like Canadians to have some options in this that we could keep open -- like de-certifying the union, firing all its employees, and starting over.

Am I the only Canadian who is sick and tired of big public service unions holding us up for ransom?

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Monday, May 23, 2011

Woman to Bank: I'd Like To Make A Deposit

pregnant profile III                              Image via Wikipedia
Woman to Bank: I'd like to make A Deposit.

God bless Jaden!
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Quote of the Day: George Jonas: "Everyone is innocent until proven guilty, unless..."

Preston Manning (former leader of the Reform P...Image via Wikipedia
"Everyone is innocent until proven guilty, unless he (or she) belongs to a group whose guilt it’s fashionable to assume". -- George Jonas, National Post.

How true. The western liberals' view of society is one in which all kinds of discriminations are made based on which group or collective you belong to.

Women who kill their mates or children? Assumed innocent. Men who kill theirs? Assumed culpable.

Disparagement of Mohammed or Islam? A hate crime. Disparagement of Christ or Christianity? Free speech and brave artistic expression.

Occupation of land by natives? Sacred act protected by the police. Anybody else? You're outta here.

Preston Manning's vision for Canada was the equality of every citizen (by which I took to mean the same treatment under law). I thought this was a noble goal; it was congruent with my own vision rooted in deeply held values based on the equality of persons under the law. The day the liberal media labelled this a racist statement revealing the dark racism within the hearts of Preston Manning and Reformers was the day, for me, the music died. I realized the Canada I had been brought up in, with its embodiment of anglo-saxon judeo-christian values, was not the Canada I now lived in.

We had entered the Liberal looking glass, and we are now looking through it.
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Funny Clips From Media Research Center

Funny Clips From  Media Research Center.

The clips range from funny to hysterical. You have to wade through some mean-spirited conservative banter (and it is mean-spirited), but it's worth it to get to the Qadaffi one.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

US Debt: Bang, Zoom, To The Moon!

Estimated ownership of all US treasury securit...                       Image via Wikipedia
How high would a stack of US one dollar bills representing US debt go?

To the moon, Alice, to the moon.

Did I say to the moon?

I meant to the moon... and back.

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Conservatives: Tough On Crime

A collection of RCMP souvenirs from around Canada.                    Image via Wikipedia
Singapore is noted as a tough-on-crime country.  I've been there about 30 times. Did it cramp my style? No. How did this tough-on-crime jurisdiction strike me? Clean, orderly, and safe.

Which brings us to the Canadian Conservatives' crime omnibus bill. The media are endlessly concerned about any and all Conservative crime measures. Expect to see the words draconian, regressive, neanderthal, and punishment-focused in the days ahead.

But what about the draconian, regressive, punishment-focused actions the neanderthal Conservatives have already taken? The National Post has a list.

* Toughened sentencing and bail for serious gun crimes
* Imposed mandatory jail time for drive-by and reckless shootings
* Ended so-called “sentence discounts” for multiple murder
* Ended early parole for murderers
* Cracked down on street racing and drug-impaired driving
* Raised the age of sexual consent to 16 years from 14 years
* Stopped two-for-one credit for time served in pre-trial custody
* Ended early parole for white-collar criminals
* Made it mandatory for sex offenders to be included in the National Sex Offender Registry
* Imposed tougher sentencing for child traffickers
* Made it mandatory for Internet providers to report information they receive about child pornography on the web
* Hired 1,000 new RCMP personnel
* Imposed longer wait periods for certain offenders seeking a pardon

How did these actions adversely affect you?

Thought so.

Singapore has a disembarkation card. At the bottom it states, "Death for drug smugglers". Unless you plan to smuggle drugs, you have nothing to worry about.

And that's the way the Ball bounces.

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Saturday, May 21, 2011

May 21st 2011: The Day The Ball Bounces?

It's May 21st. D-Day, H-Hour, M-Minute, S-Second.

Relax, anxious reader: the Ball Bounces is still here -- ready to serve you the best blog posts I can dish up until the Lord comes!!!

I'm sitting here trying to figure out what's left. More precisely, who's left. Who's gone, who's left. Those of you reading this; you're still here. I'm still here. So, who's gone????

Joe -- are you there, Joe?  Haven't heard from Joe. And what about Frances, MaryT, and all the regular contributors -- are you still out there??!! Mary from South Africa -- is South Africa is or is South Africa not is??!!  Folks, at this point, we have not heard from South Africa!!!

And what about atheists Jonathan, Joe Agnost, and SDC -- haven't heard from them!!!

Oh, the humanity!!!!

If you are still out there, still with us, PLEASE CHECK IN!!!

And that's the way the Ball didn't bounce.

Nova Scotia's Timbit Nazis

Timbits, sold by Tim Hortons, are sold in Cana...               Image via Wikipedia
When it comes to Tim Hortons' donuts and timbits, there are only two types of Canadians: chewers, and eschewers. Most ordinary Canadians fall into the former category. Nova Scotia's Capital Health elites fall into the latter.
Nova Scotia’s largest health authority says it is the first in Canada to ask Tim Hortons outlets at its hospitals to sell only fare that meets its nutritional guidelines.
“We’re trying to walk the talk,” Amanda Whitewood, a Capital Health vice-president, said of the Nova Scotia initiative.
 No, you're trying to make us walk your talk.

One hopes that Amanda and the decision-makers at Capital Health never eat Tim Hortons' donuts or timbits. Otherwise, they have no basis for denying the public access to a product they themselves indulge in. Hospitals are stressful places. A bit of familiar, comfort food is not a bad thing; it's probably therapeutic.

Nova Scotians should start an Amanda Whitewood Watch. $25 to the first person who snaps a photo of Amanda scarfing down a Tim's donut.

Meanwhile, in related news:

Capital Health staff stressed but motivated (cbc.ca)

Solution: throw the occasional Timbit their way and the stress will evaporate.

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Friday, May 20, 2011

Israel/USA/Palestine: It's Time To Give The Land Back

Mexican Cession in Mexican View                       Image via Wikipedia
Israel should go along with the Great One™ and accede to the Nobel Peace Prize winner 's prescription for world peace: roll back the borders of Israel to 1967 (more or less).

1967 was when, you know, the surrounding Arab states ganged up on Israel and Israel beat them back fair-and-square. In six days. Now Obama wants Israel to just hand the land back.

And I think Israel should go along with the US. But, there has to be some concessions on the part of the US. before Israel makes such a courageous and counter-intuitive move. Israel should agree to roll back its borders to 1967 when the US agrees to roll back its border with Mexico.
The constant conflicts in the Texas region in the mid 19th century eventually led to the Mexican-American War, which began in 1846 and ended in 1848 with the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. Due to the treaty Mexico lost more than 960,000 square miles (about 2,500,000 km²) of land, 55%[7] of its national territory, including what is today California, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Nevada and parts of Colorado, Wyoming, Kansas, and Oklahoma in addition, all disputes over Texas and the disputed territory between Rio Grande and Rio Nueces were abandoned. Five years later the Gadsden Purchase completed the creation of the current United States – Mexico border. These purchases left approximately 300,000 people living in the once disputed lands, many of whom were Mexican nationals. Following the establishment of the current border a number of towns sprang up along this boundary and many of the Mexican citizens were given free land in the northern regions of Mexico in exchange for returning and repopulating the area.[8] -- Wiki
Such an act would be a demonstration of good faith on the part of the United States and would win the admiration of the world. Give conquered lands back? Sure. You go first.

And that's the way the Ball bounces.

Oh, yes. And Canada wants Fort Blunder back. There can never be peace where there's permanent occupation.
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When Darwinists Rely On Engineering Examples...

DALY CITY, CA - NOVEMBER 30:  Brand new Toyota...Image by Getty Images via @daylife
When Darwinists rely on examples from engineering -- examples that entail purpose, intention, intelligence, and direction, you know their theory is in trouble.
Their main illustration for macroevolution is the evolution of the automobile. "[N]obody could have imagined how Henry Ford's primitive T automobile could have turned into Toyota's Prius hybrid," they write, because "it would have been impossible for the engineers at Ford to develop all the remarkable engineering necessary to turn a Model T into a Prius in one year. The electronic enhancements alone took decades to invent and develop." (pp. 45-46) 
If this is the best they can do, they should just stick to declaring darwinism obviously true and let it go at that.

The NHL's Newest Team: Meet The Winnipeg Skeets!!!

The original Winnipeg Jets logo in the WHA                      Image via Wikipedia
Atlanta Thrashers moving to Winnipeg.

If it pans out, this is great.

We need to keep our money-losing NHL team in Phoenix. And Winnipeg gets to have its own money-losing team. It's win-win! (or lose-lose, depending on your perspective.)

Winnipeg - Phoenix: now, that's a great natural rivalry. They're north-south of each other. Plus, since the Phoenix Coyotes used to be the Winnipeg Jets, it's Winnipeg 2.0 vs. Winnipeg 1.0!

Now, for a name. How about the Winnipeg Skeets. It's a riff off of skates and mosquitos. Team Motto: "Float like a debenture, sting like a skeet!" I can hear the street-talk now: "how 'bout those Skeeters?!".  Hey, I'm registering the names now. Skeet™Skeeters™. They'll have to pay me! Team logo: A very menacing mosquito drawing blood -- if that's not hockey, I don't know what is!

It's a great day for the NHL! It's a great day for hockey! It's a great day for Canada! O Canada, our home...

I'll let you finish it off.

And that's the way the puck Ball Bounces.Enhanced by Zemanta

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Where's Michael "Diaper-Baby" Savage When You Need Him?

Michael Savage 2002                                       Image via Wikipedia
Conservative talk show host Michael Savage likes to talk about "red diaper doper babies". It's a put-down. Here's a definition from the Urban Dictionary: "The children of leftist intellectual baby boomers, raised from birth on Marxism and a drug tolerant environment, and now in places of political and intellectual influence."

Well, where's Michael when you need him? Here's a story about a 30-year old "adult baby" living on US government assistance.

Why does a mean-spirited Republican always have to get in the way of someone's government-subsidized fun? Republican Senator Tom Coburn has to spoil the party by saying it’s not clear why he and the woman who acts as his "mother" are collecting Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits instead of working. Did I mention he was mean-spirited? And Republican?

The man in question threatened suicide when it was suggested his Social Security payments be taken away. You can file his response under, "I'm entitled to my entitlements!". Of course, he states it more elegantly:
“You wanna test how damn serious I am about leaving this world, screw with my check that pays for this apartment and food. Try it. See how serious I am. I don’t care,” the California man said. “I have no problem killing myself. Take away the last thing keeping me here, and see what happens. Next time you see me on the news, it will be me in a body bag.”
Waaaa! Waaaa! Waaaaaa! You know what? I think he's bluffing.

The USA: On its way to broke, one entitled American at a time.

article h/t Drudge.

D.C. Shows Detroit How It's Done

A construction project to repair and update th...                                 Image via Wikipedia
A USA Today investigation put a microscope on Noyes, where in just two years, the number of students passing math on the standardized tests increased from 10 percent to 58 percent.
The school’s dramatic improvement earned it a National Blue Ribbon award from the U.S. Department of Education. It’s an honor that was given to only 264 public schools nationwide.
But in the 2010 testing round, 80 percent of Noyes classrooms were flagged for having a suspicious number of incorrect answers erased and corrected.
On the 2009 reading test, seventh-grade students in one classroom averaged 12.7 wrong-to-right erasures — odds better than winning the Powerball, USA Today reported.
This could help Detroit get its standardized test scores back on track.  Goin' out on a limb. I bet D.C. is a Democrat/union stronghold -- just like Detroit. Maybe they can collaborate, learn from each other, implement the "best of the best", and then spread it around.
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Post-Christian, Secular Europe

Walking man in Munich-Schwabing                             Image via Wikipedia
One of the biggest insurance companies in the world held a party for salesmen where they were rewarded with the services of prostitutes.
Munich Re is the world's biggest re-insurer - in other words, the company acts as an insurance company for other insurance companies.
Christianity is looking better to me every day.
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"... nothing intellectually compelling or challenging.. bald assertions coupled to superstition... woefully pathetic"