Saturday, May 21, 2011

Nova Scotia's Timbit Nazis

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When it comes to Tim Hortons' donuts and timbits, there are only two types of Canadians: chewers, and eschewers. Most ordinary Canadians fall into the former category. Nova Scotia's Capital Health elites fall into the latter.
Nova Scotia’s largest health authority says it is the first in Canada to ask Tim Hortons outlets at its hospitals to sell only fare that meets its nutritional guidelines.
“We’re trying to walk the talk,” Amanda Whitewood, a Capital Health vice-president, said of the Nova Scotia initiative.
 No, you're trying to make us walk your talk.

One hopes that Amanda and the decision-makers at Capital Health never eat Tim Hortons' donuts or timbits. Otherwise, they have no basis for denying the public access to a product they themselves indulge in. Hospitals are stressful places. A bit of familiar, comfort food is not a bad thing; it's probably therapeutic.

Nova Scotians should start an Amanda Whitewood Watch. $25 to the first person who snaps a photo of Amanda scarfing down a Tim's donut.

Meanwhile, in related news:

Capital Health staff stressed but motivated (

Solution: throw the occasional Timbit their way and the stress will evaporate.

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maryT said...

Has she ever eaten hospital food, if that is an example her diet yikes. Does she have any idea of how many friends/family bring a patient outside food during a long stay in hospital so they don't starve to death, eating so called nutritional food.
Tims is a life saver for many people in hospital.

RkBall said...

Exactly. It's a bit of a life-saver for the friends/family who are stressed and waiting too.

Alain said...

I wonder what it will finally take for people to start pushing back and rejecting all the control-zealots for anything and everything. We need to start the process of eliminating their increasing interference in every aspect of our private lives and thereby reclaiming our liberty and freedom.

It has always amazed me how most just roll over and accept this believing it is truly for our own good.

"... nothing intellectually compelling or challenging.. bald assertions coupled to superstition... woefully pathetic"