Monday, May 23, 2011

Quote of the Day: George Jonas: "Everyone is innocent until proven guilty, unless..."

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"Everyone is innocent until proven guilty, unless he (or she) belongs to a group whose guilt it’s fashionable to assume". -- George Jonas, National Post.

How true. The western liberals' view of society is one in which all kinds of discriminations are made based on which group or collective you belong to.

Women who kill their mates or children? Assumed innocent. Men who kill theirs? Assumed culpable.

Disparagement of Mohammed or Islam? A hate crime. Disparagement of Christ or Christianity? Free speech and brave artistic expression.

Occupation of land by natives? Sacred act protected by the police. Anybody else? You're outta here.

Preston Manning's vision for Canada was the equality of every citizen (by which I took to mean the same treatment under law). I thought this was a noble goal; it was congruent with my own vision rooted in deeply held values based on the equality of persons under the law. The day the liberal media labelled this a racist statement revealing the dark racism within the hearts of Preston Manning and Reformers was the day, for me, the music died. I realized the Canada I had been brought up in, with its embodiment of anglo-saxon judeo-christian values, was not the Canada I now lived in.

We had entered the Liberal looking glass, and we are now looking through it.
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