Friday, May 06, 2011

Memo To Al-Qaeda: You Go First

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Al Qaeda has acknowledged that their son Osama is dead and issued an ultimatum to the West:
“We warn the Americans not to harm the corpse of the sheikh or expose it to any indecent treatment or to harm any members of his family, living or dead, and to deliver the corpses to their families,” it said.
To which I say, "you go first".  Deliver the corpses of the 3,000 innocents annihilated at the World Trade Center, and maybe we can talk.
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oxygentax said...

Not to mention all of the "western" citizens that were beheaded or mutilated by Al Queda and their friends since.

RkBall said...


Thucydides said...

We will be delivering something soon enough, falling silently from the sky...

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