Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The IMF Should Pick Canada

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The IMF is in a scramble after their go-to guy was dumped after being charged with a heinous sexual assault.  Apparently they're flailing about looking for a strong leader to help navigate the Eurozone through hazardous waters.
"If there were a strong political leader in place, this person might be able to steer the course and bridge the gap. But we see the institution has become more conservative and is playing things by the book and becoming risk-averse," said Domenico Lombardi, a former member of the IMF executive board....
Meanwhile, some mainly U.S. and British analysts have argued it would be better if the next IMF chief came from outside the euro zone precisely to take a tougher, less indulgent approach to the debt crisis rather than throw more money at the problem.
Here's a thought. The IMF should pick a leader from a G8 country with the strongest, most stable banking system in the world.

And that would be Canada, would it not?
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Anonymous said...

No No.. The IMF needs members of the most successful nations to supply the money for them to waste end of story.

Rob C

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