Monday, May 02, 2011

A Question Concerning Bin Laden's Burial

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A Question Concerning Bin Laden's Islamic Burial:

Did we (the West) give the body of terrorist Bin Laden an Islamic burial out of western decency and respect for adherents to a popular religion, or... fear?


Anonymous said...

He likely did not receive an Islamic burial.

Who did they get to wash him?

Who prayed the funerary prayers ("Janazah")?

They should just have acted like the New York Times---which paper removed it's honorary "Mr." from bin Ladin.

David M. McClory

Bert said...

If I'd have been in charge of his funereal, it would have been decidedly un-islamic. Probably have included a few references to pork.

Anonymous said...

I doulbt he had any funeral at all. I think the Americans flew over the ocean, filled his pockets with rocks and shoved his usless ass into the sea. I think it is very fitting that his mortal remains are fish poop by now. As for his immortal soul, I hope he has an eternity of getting his prostate probed with a pitchfork.

Dave Roberts said...

Muslim burials are usually done with the corpse facing Mecca. In the case of this sea burial he'll be facing hell.

Joe said...

Without wishing ill upon the dead I would prefer that the corpse be slathered in lard, stood up on end and given a good spin. I'm sure he was crooked enough that the rotation will dig a hole big enough to bury the carcass.

delshilo said...

I am not sure but I think your missing the point.

The reason for burial at see (deepest part of the ocean) is because the Americans want to ensure there would be no martyrs shrine built over his remains. The Russians disposed of Hitlers ashes in a similar fashion (won't say where they disposed of them).

RkBall said...

The point is deference to Islam -- like when US non-Islamic staff handles Korans at Gitmo, they make sure no infidels touch the Koran. Is this kind of deference warranted? And, are we doing it out of genuine respect, or fear?

maryT said...

OBL's biggest surprise, no virgins in paradise.
This killer was not worried about Christian burials for the 9/11 victims,. I do hope he was washed with lard, pockets full of pig entrails and dumped at sea, from a plane.

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