Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Geronimo! (We Shoulda Seen This Coming...)

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When we were kids, we used to cannonball into the pool or lake or whatever was at hand. As I recall, we might have shouted an enthusiastic "Geronimo!" as we did so.

The term, as used, was simply an exclamative. We were not referring specifically to an individual of any particular ethnic group.

I doubt if this explanation would satisfy the current PC grievance crowd.

“Think of the outcry if they had used any other ethnic group’s hero”.

But, what about this: Setting the record straight.

And this: "The U.S. Army's 101st Air Assault Division has used "Geronimo!" as its battle cry since its origins as the First World War 101st Infantry Division, though during its parachute drops on D-Day, the unit temporarily substituted "Bill Lee!" in honor of General William C. Lee, who was unable to lead the division following a heart attack."  (In other words, the word chosen is a mark of honor, not disparagement.)

And this.

Now, back to work.
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Dollops said...

"Bin Ladin!" as I push the button to detonate the explosives belt on a down's syndrome woman.
"Obama!" as I splurge once more on my over-spent credit card.
"Jack Laytonnnnnnnnn" as I ... oh, never mind.
"Jesus Christ!" as a big fish leaps and shakes my hook. HE would empathise.
"Delgamukh!" as I make the most foolhardy judgment of my lifetime.

Joe said...

We used to yell Geronimo as well and we did so recognizing the bravery of the man named Geronimo. Of course back then great warriors were held in high esteem and I loved to read the stories about Sgt York, Sir Douglas Bader, Smokey Smith etc. Brave men all and worthy of our admiration just like Geronimo.

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