Wednesday, May 11, 2011

People Laughed Out Loud As The Tarp Was Pulled Away...

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This should help with Toronto's efforts to win the hearts and wallets of American tourists.

The Douglas Coupland monument, unveiled yesterday at the corner of Fleet and Bathurst in Toronto features a vanquished American from the Battle of 1812. All playfully done of course!

Hey, we just stuck it to the Americans, and all for a measly $500,000. And the subtlety of it is breath-taking -- can't imagine what the laughing was about. Or, maybe I just don't "get" it.  As one commenter said, "hey, I didn't know they had snowboards back then" (look again).

Why not a monument that reflects the under-appreciated fact that Canada has lived safely and securely for a generation because we  live in the protective shadow of the US and its military might.

Why not commemorate that?
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Brothersmartmouth said...

Toys can be soldiers, but soldiers are not toys. And should not be presented as such!

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