Thursday, May 26, 2011

Target Targets Canada

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Target is coming to Canada.

The Ball Bounces approves!

Target is upscale from Wal Mart but still has low prices while emphasizing style. Very pleasant shopping experience.
Target Corp. has announced the first 105 locations that it will take over from Zellers when it begins opening stores in Canada in early 2013.
“This is just the first wave,” Target Canada president Tony Fisher told media in a presentation in Chicago Thursday.
The list includes properties in 10 provinces; 13 in Alberta, 15 in British Columbia, five in Manitoba, one in New Brunswick, two in Newfoundland and Labrador, two in Nova Scotia, 45 in Ontario, one in PEI, 19 in Quebec, and two in Saskatchewan.
Hey, this means the Zellars store in Charlottetown (PEI) is going to become a Target. Good news for Islanders! We're also getting one here in North York (Toronto) at the Centerpoint Mall. That's good!

Are you getting one? Check it out!
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Neil said...

We love Target (aka "Tarjay"). Wal-Mart is great for stocking up, but Target is much nicer.

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