Thursday, May 26, 2011

Who Works Harder: Public or Private Sector Workers?

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Who works harder: public or private sector workers?
Public sector workers were much more likely to miss work, skipping 11.8 days of work time in 2010 for personal reasons, compared with 8.2 days for their private-sector counterparts. Unionized employees were similarly more likely to miss work. Full-time workers who belonged to unions, or who were covered by collective agreements, missed an average of 12.9 work days for personal reasons in 2010, compared with 7.3 days for their non-unionized counterparts.
Someone said 90% of life is simply showing up. True. While this maxim applies to life in general, it increasingly applies less when you work for Big Government, or Big Unions -- whose idea of nirvana is to be paid an infinite amount for not working at all.

PS -- don't forget to vote in the latest Ball bounces poll. Send a message to the CUPW union. Our local postal outlet used to have a Saturday pick-up. Gone -- you can see where they ripped off the label. Our local outlet box used to have twice-daily pick-up. Gone. Trying to get by with doing less. And threatening to strike. Please vote.

Winnipeg Free Press, via Macleans.
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Alain said...

I suggest that a better comparison would be between unionised and non unionised workers rather than public service workers versus private workers. All public service workers are unionised to the fullest, which is why it is almost impossible to fire them no matter what.

Anonymous said...

Actually before you spout off about CUPW perhaps you should educate yourself about the union and the Post Office..Canada Post is self sufficient, receives no taxpayer money has not been on strike since 1997 and consistently has been making money in the range of 300 mil per year, which a portion of goes to the Government...Educate yourself pally otherwise you just look ignorant...

RkBall said...

Alain -- good point.

RkBall said...

Pally - I was outside a hotel meeting room in Vancouver years back. CUPW was having a meeting. I heard the CUPW leader at the time state that the objective of the union in the coming year was to ensure that Canada Post did not make a profit. Perhaps times have changed. But don't lecture me about CUPW. I heard the vile words for myself. The goal of the union was to subvert the organization they worked for.

And nothing you have said is an answer to the accusation that unionized workers work less diligently than non-unionized workers in the public sector.


RkBall said...

"Canada Post was also the setting for one of the most controversial labour rulings of recent years. After several prosecutions for theft at its Mississauga's Gateway Postal Facility, the union won a ruling from a labour board that the workers involved could not be dismissed as the length of the investigation exceeded the ten-day limit in the collective agreement under which any allegation of misconduct had to be brought to the attention of the worker."

Beautiful -- the union protects a thief. Doesn't get much better than that.

RkBall said...

Does Canada Post pay market rents to the government for its properties? If not, its profit structure is illusionary. It has a massive go-in advantage in areas where it has to compete, and, where it has a monopoly, it can petition to raise the price.

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