Sunday, May 08, 2011

Help Trudeau Decide: Is He Good For Canada?

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"I honestly don't know if me as leader is something that would help the party or the country," Justin Trudeau said.

He honestly doesn't know!

Help Justin decide!

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dmorris said...

Remarkable insight on Justin's part!

Take a good look at yourself, Justin,and what do you see?

You are a man born to wealth and power, but haven't accomplished much,you have an education degree like thousands of others,and you probably DIDN'T have to work a part time job to pay for your schooling, and you were voted in as an MP as a tribute to your Father .

You never stepped outside your select little clique,never started a business or did anything on your own. You merely lived as the son of a celebrity politician in your own little world.

You have nothing to offer us other than the narrow view in the scope of your own upbringing.

Canadians deserve better than a Party leader whose only accomplishment is a fortunate birth.

burpnrun said...

Justin should first decide if he wants to be the leader of Canada's REAL communist party, in the event that the NDP and the Liberals think of merging:

RkBall said...

dmorris --


RkBall said...

Burpnrun --

I hope you're not a lawyer. My understanding is, once the communists are in power, they're comin' for ya!

john said...

i agree with dmorris. I HOPE Trudeau runs for the leadership!

It's so ironic that he says the reason for the Liberal loss is the party's inability to connect with the Canadian people. Considering his history & lifestyle that statement is hilarious.

Please, please, ...PUH-LEEEEEZE! Justin! Run for the leadership! We can't humiliate your elitist snob father but we can do it to you.

Oh what fun! Rubbing a an overly comfortable, spoiled, champagne sipping, wealthy, holier-than-thou leftys face in the dirt!

I can't WAIT!

RkBall said...

"Champagne sipping"? Now, wait a minute. That's unfair. How do you know he doesn't quaff or gulp the champagne?!

"... nothing intellectually compelling or challenging.. bald assertions coupled to superstition... woefully pathetic"