Thursday, October 29, 2009

Climate Justice

A group of FYCs (fine young Canadians) disrupted Canada's elected Parliament the other day to protest for Climate Justice.

And I'm all for it.

Canada's 'way too cold. Why should we have
to wear toques, even in summer? Why should we shiver our timbers for six months out of twelve, while Arnold's busy working on his tan 24/7/365? Why should corn grow to our waists in Canada, when it's over their heads in Indiana? Why should Canada have one short, nasty, brutish growing season, when parts of the US and other areas of the world have two, three, or maybe even four?? Why should Panama have access from the Atlantic to the Pacific when our northwest passage to the Orient is frozen over?? Where's the justice in that??!!

And it's not just Canada that needs Climate Justice. Look at Singapore. It's got heat, but it's 'way too humid; Arizona's too dry. Where's the justice in that???!!!

Come on, people. There's enough climate for everybody, but right now it's all lop-sided. There's an urgent need for Climate Redistribution.

If we don't get it soon, I'm predicting unrest -- noses may bleed!

And that's the way the I'm-all-for-it Ball bounces.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Is Science Omnipotent?

According to one atheist apologist, it surely is.

William Lane Craig, one of those incoherent, deranged, Bible-thumping Christians, thinks (and I mean thinks) otherwise.

This short
video tells the tale of the tape.

William Lane Craig vs. Peter Atkins with an appearance by William F. Buckley (or is it an animatron?)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Challenge

A fun romp through some cosmological and teleological arguments for the existence of, er, You Know, "The One For Whom No Evidence Exists". I'm surprised
Wintery Knight hasn't featured this. Knowing him, he probably has and I missed it. From Apologetics -Get the T-Shirt- .Net.


Thursday, October 22, 2009

It's Groundhog Day!

Michael Ignatieff has gone from Dirty Harry to Punxsutawney Phil in two months.

A mere couple of months ago he put Canada on an election war footing with his gun-slinging, make-my-day pronouncement that Conservative black-hat-wearing Stephen Harper's "time was up". Chills and thrills raced up and down the spines of the Canadian electorate. Canada's Dirty Harry had arrived.

Then, when the polls went south, he high-tailed it out of town and went into hibernation in the hills.

Now, he's emerged, seen his shadow, and pronounced "six more weeks of Conservative rule".

Canadian political bloggers who had ramped up for the election battle are standing down.

For now.

Check back in about six weeks.

And that's the way the Wiarton Willie Ball bounces.

Meyer vs. Shermer

A believer-turned-atheist debates a believer, hosted by an atheist turned believer.

Where does the evidence of reality point -- to a mindful, intentional creation (providing the foundation to believe that life has purpose and ultimate meaning), or a mindless, undirected (and therefore purposeless and ultimately meaningless) universe?

This engaging debate covers the basics.

Friday, October 09, 2009

Crazy About Obama


Obama wins TNPP on Friday. On Saturday, this: "Turkey and Armenia signed a landmark peace accord on Saturday to restore ties and open their joint border after a century of hostility"

Coincidence? You decide.

* * *

For years now rabid, mean-spirited conservatives have been suggesting that those on the left were a bit loony in their tingle-up-their-legs adulation of Barack Obama. Well, the "loony left" have been completely vindicated, and those rabbit right-wingers completely discredited by this: Obama has been awarded the Nobel peace prize.

And he wasn't even running for it!

My only question is, why did it take the Nobel people so long to recognize what the rest of us have known for some time: Obama is "the Great One"!

It just couldn't happen to a more-deserving guy.

Here's why: we all know the greatest threat to world peace is not Islamic terrorism. It's not the simmering Israeli-Palestinian dispute. It's not the Taliban. And it's not a nuclear Iran or a nuclear North Korea.

It's global warming.

Experts have already told us that it's gonna lead to discontent, civil strife, conflict, violence, and wars. Wars, for example, over the search for viable drinking water. The threat is so dire and imminent that the very continuance of the planet is at stake.

And what has happened since Barack Obama was elected to office? Temperatures have done nothing but plummet, that's what! It's snowing in Chicago!! We had a frost warning in PEI this July!!! The oceans are receding!!!!

The Obama economic stimulus is working in mysterious ways!!!!!

And, thanks to Barack Obama's wise presidentship, the moon is about to yield its precious (currently frozen) bodily fluids!!!!!

OK, I'm outta exclamation marks.

And that's the way the crazy-about-Obama Ball bounces.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Don't Go After You Go, Go Before You Go

Will that be a number one or a number two?

I had thought of this as an idea for a Candid Camera gag. Too late. Thanks to Al Gore, it has gone straight from satirical idea to Green Reality.

Go (if you will pardon the expression)

US Bombs Moon!!!!

NASA plans to bomb the moon on
Friday. Bomb the moon! Weapons in space! Does this cowboy, goitalone President have moon rocks in his brain? Doesn't he know the world is watching, this is why the world hates the US, this is why...

Wait a minute. Wrong president.

Wait a minute more.

Betcha this whole thing was planned under the presidency of the Evil One.

And that's the way the Ball bounces.

Worth Reading

"... the “continuation” I was lamenting was in the accumulation of immense current account deficits, the encouragement of private-sector impetuosity in borrowing, fiscal favouritism to homeowners and penalization of non-home owners, complete reliance on the private-sector financial-services industry to be prudent lenders and borrowers, and acquiescence in the simultaneous flight of relatively low-paid outsourced jobs as millions of poor unemployed flowed, under- or undocumented, into the country."

How's this for a "typical" Canadian sentence?! Any idea who might have written it? Hint: It's not Mark Steyn.

For the answer, and to read

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Iggy Climate Change

"Ignatieff, meanwhile, tried to rally his party faithful Sunday, saying that under the Stephen Harper's government there has been no progress for four years on such issues as climate change."

Not true. During the last four years the world's climate has cooled.

If that's not global warming progress, what is?

Read more:

"... nothing intellectually compelling or challenging.. bald assertions coupled to superstition... woefully pathetic"