Thursday, October 29, 2009

Climate Justice

A group of FYCs (fine young Canadians) disrupted Canada's elected Parliament the other day to protest for Climate Justice.

And I'm all for it.

Canada's 'way too cold. Why should we have
to wear toques, even in summer? Why should we shiver our timbers for six months out of twelve, while Arnold's busy working on his tan 24/7/365? Why should corn grow to our waists in Canada, when it's over their heads in Indiana? Why should Canada have one short, nasty, brutish growing season, when parts of the US and other areas of the world have two, three, or maybe even four?? Why should Panama have access from the Atlantic to the Pacific when our northwest passage to the Orient is frozen over?? Where's the justice in that??!!

And it's not just Canada that needs Climate Justice. Look at Singapore. It's got heat, but it's 'way too humid; Arizona's too dry. Where's the justice in that???!!!

Come on, people. There's enough climate for everybody, but right now it's all lop-sided. There's an urgent need for Climate Redistribution.

If we don't get it soon, I'm predicting unrest -- noses may bleed!

And that's the way the I'm-all-for-it Ball bounces.


Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more. My garden, what had survived the frigid summer, was toast by the end of September. Let's bring back the '57 Chevy, the Mercury Turnpike Cruiser, and the Studebaker 12 cylinder Golden Hawk!

RkBall said...

"Let's bring back the '57 Chevy, the Mercury Turnpike Cruiser, and the Studebaker 12 cylinder Golden Hawk!"

The beginning of the Retro Automobile Climate Restoration Project will trace it's origins to this post.

Anonymous said...

That's hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Idiots. Don't they know we haven't yet figured out how to move them clouds around where we want them.

They've got forest of massive fans down here in the US and the clouds over them just keep going the way they want without a care for what way those fans blow.

Now dirt. There's something I'd like some justice in.

In the plain states there isn't a dirt deficit. We had to pretty much spread it flat so everybody got at least some.

But look at them Himalayas and the Rockies and the Andes. They've got way more than they need.

Let's get some dirt justice going on around here!

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