Saturday, August 22, 2015

Mann Bites Dog Mann

Most of you are aware of the litigation-media war between Mark Steyn and Nobel Piece-of-a-Prize winner Michael Mann.

This is a review of Steyn's latest salvo, the book-length "A Disgrace To The Profession: The World's Scientists, In Their Own Words, On Michael E Mann, His Hockey Stick And Their Damage To Science - Volume I" (Compiled and edited by Mark Steyn, with illustrations by Josh). So there.

I expected the book to be on the dry side compared to Steyn's usual joyous romps. I was wrong. It was a pleasure to read. I was laughing by the time I reached the Table of Contents. Steyn organizes scientists' criticisms of Mann by theme and keeps the "plot" moving. Criticism, meet witticism.

The book's organization is brilliant: each section begins with an overview by Steyn, followed by a series of two-page, bite-sized critiques of Mann. They're like a Pez dispenser, you finish one, another pops up, staring you in the face. Daring you. OK, just one more. Just one more. This is definitely the last. No more Pez today!!!

What a compendium of biting criticisms. As the litigation proceeds, we'll see how these Mann bites dog Mann.

Two bristlecone pines, way up!

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Anonymous said...

Still working my way through Climate Change-the Facts. This will be next. Of course I don't need much convincing about Michael Mann and his merry band........cheers, JohnnyD

BallBounces said...

Hi JD,

Thanks for the post -- sorry for the delay in posting. I'm down in Phoenix AZ and don't have direct internet access.

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