Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Greece: The Greasy Slide Down (and the way Up)

Greek financial/capital markets are tanking.
Greece is a festering sinkhole of dishonesty and corruption. It is reaping what it has sown. It is a capital repulsion force field.
Ever notice how western nations characterized by corruption are either Roman Catholic or Orthodox? I say this not out of enmity or bigotry; as far as I can see it is an observable fact. Greece needs a Protestant Reformation; one that upholds the Ten Commandments as a societal obligation before God.
Look to Singapore for an example. It started from scratch after WWII (actually started with a Confucian-Protestant British cultural heritage) and prospered through integrity, hard work, and good decision-making. It became a capital magnet. It prospered. It took a generation. There are no quick fixes -- especially when the problem is cultural and moral.

May God bring enlightening, uplifting moral reformation to Greece.

And that's the way the praying Ball bounces.

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