Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Intolerance on the White House border

Logo of the United States White House, especia...
Logo of the United States White House, especially in conjunction with offices like the Chief of Staff and Press Secretary. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
A guy jumps the fence and dodges security. And this is news? The White House jumper was an undocumented visitor. He should have been welcomed to the White House and given a cold drink and pass to any area of the White House. Along with an admonition to check in within 90 days.

Maybe now Obama knows how American citizens living along the southern border feel.

Why should Obama expect a fence and a security when he has gone out of his way to degrade the fence and security along America's southern border?

The border with Canada is still secure -- agents of the US government are still there to confiscate your dog food, Kinder Eggs and undocumented bagpipes.

And that's the way the Ball bounces.

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Climate Change Science circa 2024

English: Long-term average precipitation by mo...
English: Long-term average precipitation by month (mm/day and in/day), based on 1961-1990 data. Animated GIF. Mollweide projection. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Sept 2, 2024. NY NY, MexiUSA. The UN confirmed today that the chief cause of climate change has been determined: it is caused by massive carbon-spewing HAL climate modelling computers. Climate models produced by these computers show that, unless the plug is pulled immediately on these carbon hurlers, the Earth will soon enter a climate death spiral.

However, Chief Scientist Morkle Mangg, representing the government-funded Consensus R Us Consortium of Concerned Scientists (CRUCCS), disputed the results. He said a cautious, go-slow approach was appropriate: “Really, we don’t know what in HAL is going on”, he said. “This is no time for alarmism. A bit of skepticism is in order here, a bit of  humility. Look, climate is not some rinky-dink greenhouse glass-closed system that can be mapped by tree rings; it is unbelievably complex: there are unknown knowns, known unknowns, known knowns, unknown unknowns — none of us really has a clue what’s going on. What we are sure of is this: this is no time to pull the plug on anything — especially climate science funding. Of this we are absolutely certain.”

"... nothing intellectually compelling or challenging.. bald assertions coupled to superstition... woefully pathetic"