Friday, May 06, 2011

Well, She Was Just Seventeen...

"Concentrate on the song, concentrate on ...          Image by Rich007 via Flickr
Well, she was just seventeen
Years younger than me, 'n'
The way she looked
Was way beyond compare
So how could I dance with another
When I saw her standing there

Well, my heart went "boom,"
And my pace-maker went zoom,
When I held her hand in mine...
Paul McCartney, four years past the proverbial 64, plans to wed a gal seventeen years younger than he.

All you need is love.
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Anonymous said...

old white guy says. it is not all you need is love. it is all you need is money. sir paul is worth about a billion dollars. if i had that kind of money i could have a babe thirty years my junior. not sure what we would do, but i could have her.

RkBall said...


bertie said...

Seems to me someone aged 47 is old enough to make sensible conversation with Paul.Now a 17 year old would be a different story.

Norm 204 said...


Congrats to you. Please consider adopting me. I'm diaper trained and won't create any poo in your life.

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