Saturday, May 07, 2011

How Osama Liked To Spend His Time

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Osama apparently liked to spent his time drinking infidel Coca-Cola and listening to the BBC.
His once-large entourage of Arab bodyguards was down to one trusted Pakistani courier and the courier’s brother, who also had the job of buying goats, sheep and Coca-Cola for the household.... 
It is not known if he had a radio in the house, but his son Omar, who lived with him in Afghanistan until 1999, described his father as constantly listening to the BBC.
Don't you think a really committed Islamic terrorist would at least try to eschew western products and live a truly pure Islamic life? I mean, couldn't he at least bring himself to ban Coca-Cola, the beverage of the Great Satan, from the house? Did he really need all those little boy-and-girl Osamas running around the house, bottles of the Great Satan's Coca-Cola in hand?

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Anonymous said...

They didn't bring his body back but it would have been ironic if they had brought his head back in a Coke or maybe a Budweiser cooler.

Rob C

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