Sunday, May 29, 2011

File "B" for Bonkers: Naming UK Thief May Harm Him

 Leftist bonkerdom, UK-style:
The 15-year-old Romanian from a family living on benefits has been locked up six times in the past for repeated thieving while posing as a beggar, taking money from victims at cashpoints.
Manchester magistrates locked him up for a seventh time after hearing of eight new offences, including stealing a family’s Christmas present money.
But when asked by the media to name him so that potential future victims can spot him, magistrates refused because “it was not in the public interest” and applied a gagging order.
The boy was made subject to a detention and training order for 12 months
Lib Dem MP John Hemming, who this week used Parliamentary privilege to get round an injunction shielding soccer star Ryan Giggs’ extra-marital affair, expressed his fury at another breach of the public’s right to know.
Mr Hemming said: “It is usually a good idea to protect the identities of young offenders because it may help to encourage them back on the straight and narrow.
“But in this case it looks like he is someone who does not want to change his ways and clearly people need to be warned about who he is and what he looks like.
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