Tuesday, May 17, 2011

IMF Rape-Guy

International Monetary Fund [oct 25]Image by JavierPsilocybin via Flickr
Screaming Headline: "IMF chief 'feared political opponent would pay a woman more than $1m to allege rape'"

And cause him to leave his cell-phone behind?

* *

Meanwhile, what we really want to know is, OK it was rape, but was it rape-rape? For that, we'll need to wait to hear from Whoopie.

And what is it with socialists and sexual misconduct? Does their sense of monetary entitlement extend to sexual entitlements as well? Maybe socialism is a full-meal deal -- who knew?!

* *

And what about a $3,000 a night hotel suite? I can see the headline: "IMF chief feared political opponent would induce him to book a $3,000 a night suite!!"

I get by on rooms that cost half that, bet you do too. Shouldn't a true socialist at least open the doors to, you know, the masses?

It seems with socialism we're all equal, but some of us are more equal than others.

I hope this man gets a fair trial with a just verdict and outcome.

Update: It just got worse.
The detectives said he... had $300 in cash and his hotel-room electronic swipe key, sources said.
The guy was running off with his hotel-room electronic swipe key -- book him!!!
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Sixth Estate said...

It's a little implausible to call the head of the IMF a socialist. I think if you look at his record in power instead of his party's name you'll see that he's anything but.

Not that it excuses what he did, of course. But you seem to think it's about socialism... it's not. This makes about as much sense as the leftists who take to the rooftops every time an American conservative politician gets caught out in a sex scandal, claiming that right-wing politics is the home of closeted gay people, etc, etc.

RkBall said...

Fair comment.

Anonymous said...

You "GET BY" on rooms for $1500 a night? I am looking for a two week all in vacation for that price:)

RkBall said...

I once had a bridal suite to myself. Checked in late; last room in hotel. Gave it to me for the regular price. It was great -- bedroom, living room, two bathrooms!

ROCK BOYS said...

The dude is a two bit looser, how can the French be so supportive of a man who boasts about his sexual misconduct? There is no secret plot, the woman is a hard working maid, simple truth. He, on the other hand is a ruthless dirt bag who spends the worlds tax dollars on $3000 a night hotel suites, I thought Socialists were supposed to behave humble while representing working people. The African woman is most likely very Religious, he's an Atheist... I hope he gets what he deserves, a couple of years in jail. Maybe then France will stop protecting jerks like him and go after all the rapists in their country.

Anonymous said...

Ya know, your remark, "What is is with socialists and sexual misconduct" made me think of all the screeching and crying the Liberals did when the Conservatives raised the age-of-consent from 14 to 16.

What the h is up with that????


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