Thursday, May 26, 2011

The "I've Got A Secret" Gender-Neutral Kid: Let Freedom Reign!

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While we are on the subject of raising a child to be free as a bird:

In addition to total gender freedom, shouldn't the he/she child also get to decide whether he/she/they want to identify as a human being? Isn't identification as a human being constraining? Where's the freedom in that? Isn't being a human being just a social construct? Aren't we all really just animals among other animals? Shouldn't the kid decide whether he excuse me she excuse me it wants to identify as a human being? Let freedom reign!

And what about parenting? What if the child doesn't want to be the child of this couple? What if the child wants to be the child of a dog or a cat or a (free as a) bird? Are these parents going to constrain this kid and potentially ruin its life (I use its advisedly) by insisting that it identify as their child? Isn't that imposing their will on the kid? Having a mom and a dad is so 1950s. Haven't we, you know, progressed since then?  How dare they present themselves as this child's parents and reinforce ancient role stereotypes. Let freedom reign!

And what about English? Language is a social construct. We invent reality by the words we use (so we're told). I hope these parents aren't forcing English on this kid. Let him come up with excuse me let it come up with its own language -- let freedom reign!

And, how do you really know that kid wants that diaper changed? Remember, as the parents themselves said, a person is not defined by what they have inside their pants! Let freedom reign!! Let the scent of freedom waft across this great nation, from coast to coast to sea to sea!  I have a dream!!!

Imagine there's no gender... it's easy if you try... someday the world may join me... and the sexes be as one.

I have a dream!

And that's the way the Ball bounces.
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