Saturday, June 13, 2009

Join us for the Second Annual “Muslims of Tomorrow” Conference

Every year or so I learn about something happening in Canada where my first reaction is one of disbelief, as in "this can't really be happening". Like the first time I saw an ad for the CBC's Little Mosque on the Prairies. Thought it was a joke or a hacker attack on the CBC's website. It wasn't. It was the CBC's way of countering the real threat of ongoing Islamic terrorism with fictional leftist feel-good stereotypes.

Tonite, another one.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police - the RCMP - are hosting a “Muslims of Tomorrow” conference. Free registration and even a free lunch. At taxpayer's expense.

Try substituting any other religious group and see how it sounds. Can you imagine the police, an armed agency of the state, hosting a Catholics of Tomorrow Conference? Jews of Tomorrow Conference? Mennonites of Tomorrow Conference?

Why focus on Muslims?



You might think it's because some wacky young Muslims recently tried to implement a plan that included hacking off our Prime Minister's head and the RCMP want to lay down the law.

And you would be wrong.

It's because some Muslims feel that as a result of some er, recent unfortunate events, they're been getting a bad rap in the Canadian media.

Have we gone bonkers?

There was a time when the role of law enforcement was to uphold the law.

Looks like, when it comes to dealing with the integration (or, better, non-integration) of Muslims into society, Canadian law enforcement is going the way of the UK.

And that's not good.

And that's the way the definitely-not-halal-Ball bounces.


Pissedoff said...

The cops in the UK had better start changing their ideas if the tories wipe the floor with labour at the next election. I don't think Cameron is that stupid as to ignore what has just happened in the Euro elections. The electorate are pissed at not being listened to and Cameron's party could be the next one wiped out.

Anonymous said...

Nice racist rant Ball!!

I don't know why more people don't understand that religion is BAD BAD BAD... unless it's YOUR version of christianity though eh?! ;)

RkBall said...

Bulldoze the orphanages; eliminate the widows' allowances; close the schools and hospitals; end the volunteer organizations; obliterate the principle of marital fidelity; discourage efforts at self-restraint and self-improvement; kill the fetuses; don't rescue the oppressed; let the prisoners languish; do away with courts based on fairness and justice; discourage generous giving to charitable causes; deny the intrinsic worth and dignity of human beings; discourage the belief that human beings have ultimate worth and value; discourage the belief that life has objective meaning; and eliminate the hope that ultimate justice will one day be served -- Anonymous has spoken; religion is BAD BAD BAD.

Anonymous said...

That you missed the sarcasm in my first sentence isn't surprising... you are SO out to lunch it's scary!

Your subsequent rant is really quite amusing though... you really have NO IDEA how the real world works eh? Your imaginations are ludicrous - you really should get out of your church and see how the world REALLY works (hint: there is nothing inherently 'religious' about volunteer organizations! Or marriage fidelity, schools and hospitals, etc.)

And of course - given the topic of the O.P. we're discussing - you only really support the religion of YOUR church.... clearly not islam. (cough)hypocrite(cough)

"... nothing intellectually compelling or challenging.. bald assertions coupled to superstition... woefully pathetic"