Monday, November 14, 2011

A Question For The Occupiers...

Occupy Wall Street: The red statueImage by Kimberlyki via FlickrWhat plans do you have to restore the occupied grounds back to their original conditions?

Wouldn't most corporations -- the ones you despise -- have a plan in place?

What's yours?

* * *

And wouldn't those same corporations you despise expect to pay for taking over a public space, or otherwise compensate the residents who have been deprived of the use of public space?

What's your plan, Stan?


Anonymous said...

Occupiers plan? Stick it to the man.

RkBall said...

Shoulda known - rhymes with Stan.

maryT said...

And these same wackos complain about the oil sands and their reclamation efforts.
In a couple of months these idiots have shown the rest of us how stupid they are, and how ignorant they are, and how soon their cause has been overtaken by crooks, rapists, murderers, and free loaders.

Jen said...

Do those occupiers know which country they live in: Greece, USA, Europe, Canada.

Do they have a clue what their country have to offer that most countries are having trouble doing so.

If they knew that the country in which they live in is the no 1 in the for travellers, her economy relatively sound compared to others?
Or is it that they are just copycatting other countries' protesters.

If only they knew what they have at hand. the canadian protesters would instead protest other countries that are dragging our country down with them. Unfortunately the protesters are clueless.

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