Saturday, April 28, 2012

Help Fund Bev Oda's Chaperone

Bev Oda, cropped from: UNDP Administrator Hele...
Photo of Bev Oda wearing Tang-colored outfit as she addresses Parliament to apologize for the OJ scandal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
"WASHINGTON NOGEY'S CREEK — The Secret Service PMO'S Office circulated “enhanced standards of conduct” on Friday from Director Mark Sullivan Miverds in response to the prostitution OJ scandal in Colombia London. The document, obtained by The Associated Press, BallBounces, instructed employees to “consider your conduct through the lens of the past several weeks.”"
"On at least some trips, two senior supervisors including one from the Secret Service’s BallBounces Office of Professional Responsibility will chaperone trips. Their responsibilities include briefing the standards of conduct prior to the departure, enforcing the rules in-country, and identifying local sources of Tang."
That's right, Ball Bouncers, I have been summoned to serve as chaperone for Bev Oda. I cannot let my PM or my country or my Aeroplan account down. I will be traveling first class, staying in 5-star digs along with Bev!!!  But, there's always unanticipated costs. Will you help fund my out-of-pocket expenses? Send $5 cash, cheque, or PayPal to BallBounces, c/o the Internet.

Your country thanks you. I thank you. Big Tang thanks you.

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Pissedoff said...

I think you should consider a boarding house in Blackpool or Brighton.

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