Monday, December 31, 2012

Toronto British Airways Check-in Nazi *Update* Angel

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Flying BA Toronto to London Heathrow then on down to Johannesburg. Bought an American Airlines codeshare ticket -- was almost $500 less than the price quoted on the BA website.

Checked in.

BA check in lady insisted I measure my Porter Case. It wouldn't fit the bin by about 1/4 inch.

I've flown for years with this bag without any trouble.

I tried looking helpless. Didn't work.

She suggested I go home and get a soft-sided bag. I said that wasn't going to happen.

She suggested I go and buy a soft-sided bag in the terminal. "And what do I do with this ($250) bag?" I asked. "You leave it here".  Not going to happen I said.

The plane simply could not take off with this oversized rollaboard. The plane simply would not fly. The bin wouldn't close, and that locks the wheels, or something.

What was going to happen was I was going to cough up $65 for a 2nd checked bag.

Which, being Canadian, I did.

Can't really fault her. She was within her rights. And, she did get me an aisle seat to LHR and an aisle/bulkhead on down to Jo-burg. Plus, I saved a bundle by booking AA.

Statistics Canada: if you are reading this, please put me down for an unexpected $65 drop in net earnings this year. You'll probably have to re-work your whole economic forecast for 2013, so get busy. Thank you.

*Important Update*

I was bumped up to Arctic Char and champagne flat-bed business class. Was it the wonderful check-in lady who both enforced the BA rules and took care of her customer? Or was it the outrageously expensive Amex card I sued to pay for the extra piece of luggage (I got the card for 50,000 bonus Aeroplan points)? Or was it God's blessing? Who knows. Thank you thank you thank you!
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Rick Thomson said...

I just don't talk to those people, tell you want their supervisor and make it clear that no one else is getting served until that happens. They will cave 90% of the time.

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