Friday, June 21, 2013

Mark Steyn's Latest, With InstantReaction™

English: The Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Germa...
The Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Germany  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Mark Steyn's latest sober assessment of the Great One.
The following day Mangue Obama — whoops, my mistake, Mangue Obama was the prime minister of Equatorial Guinea from 2006 to 2008, and has a way smaller and less 
incompetent entourage — Barack Obama departed for Berlin (the German city, not the American songwriter or British philosopher). Five years ago at the Brandenburg Gate, he thrilled a crowd of 200,000 with his stirring clarion call to himself, “Ich bin ein Baracker.” 
Now for the Ball Bounces' InstantReaction:

Hahahahahahahahahahaahaahahahhaahhahaha! Haahha. Hahah. Ha. Whew!

Read the whole thang here.
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