Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Al Gore Armaggedon-Ready-For A Fried Planet Countdown Clock

Rush Limbaugh booking photo from his arrest in...
Rush Limbaugh booking photo from his arrest in 2006. These charges were eventually dropped by the local prosecutor. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I just stumbled across Rush Limbaugh's Al Gore Armaggedon Countdown Clock.

I remember a few years back Al gave us I think it was five years to get our act together and I thought, "great, just five more years of having to listen to this and then it will be too late to do anything". Shades of On the Beach!

Well, Limbaugh has a clock that's keeping track. The amount of time scarists give us to throw billions at the problem and for governments to regulate our lifestyles is always 5 or 10 years out, isn't it?

And that's the way the two-years, 127 days, and counting Ball bounces.
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