Thursday, November 21, 2013

AGW Denialist Smack-Down By U.K. "Youth Constituent"

First the grubby, gnarl-fisted, hump-backed AGW denialists (including the evil Marc Morano) spoke, if that's the right word, at their press briefing -- drooled would perhaps be better.

Then, THIS smack-down by a hand-picked U.K. "youth constituency" student who had been whisked to Warsaw for the latest UK "gimme--money - that's what I want, a lot of money, that's what I want" AGW gabfest.

I assume her expenses had been paid. Which means she was in the pocket of Big Climate Shakedown. Still, when one is in the presence of the articulate, the erudite, the eloquent, one swoons.

I can't help but think she didn't get a lot of sleep the night before.

For the full 30-minute press briefing and Q&A, go here.
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