Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Air Canada Is Having A Sale !!!! …

I get the offer in my in-box. Air Canada is having a one day sale!!!! 15% offfff!!! One Daaay Onlyy!!!!

Hey, I was in the process of booking a trip, so I was all over this. Keyed in the data. Tappity tappity tap. Here's the screen shot.

Air Canada is soooo annoying. This is so typical. I don't know why I even bother trying. If you are going to have a sale, have a sale, dudes (and dudettes)!

I ended up booking on Delta. Air Canada, you broke my heart. Sniff.

And that's the way the sniffily Ball bounces.


Anonymous said...

I flew an air canada flight booked by my employers (non-government) from Vancouver to Ottawa in 2007. Well it was clear all the toilets did not work shortly after flight. In fact several of them were overflowing in flight in the first hour of a 5 hour flight. The staff turned back the anger from the passengers against them instead of trying to defuse the situation. I was not impressed.

It was disgusting it was unacceptable -- no offer of a voucher for future flights -- I was not impressed -- since then I have never stepped on an Air Canada flight anywhere -- WTF where they thinking?

The air cabin smelled of human waste for a 5 hour flight. Not a pleasant experience. I should have complained, but since I did not pay for the ticket I did not have the right. My employer made a stink thant I would not. With threat of employment I backed off. Never made a difference as they turfed me two months later for having ethics. :O

Anonymous said...

If you like Air Canada, you can keep Air Canada...period!

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