Thursday, July 24, 2014

Mark Steyn Nails the Israel/Palestine Issue

Mark Steyn speaking at MNC2014
Mark Steyn speaking at MNC2014 (Photo credit: Mark Blevis)
This is a must-read article from Mark Steyn

The gist: the world holds Israel to an impossibly high standard that it wouldn't hold itself to. And, sometimes the weaker party is not the one we should be rooting for.

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Anonymous said...

I seen on Sun News that there was yet another pro Hamas rally this time on Parliament Hill. And surprise, surprise there was a Hama flag proudly flying in the wind. So I wonder why in the hell our Conservative government (which I voted for) still allows Muslim immigration into Canada? I mean if we really need immigrants so badly then why must they be Muslim? Yeah I know the 1 percent thing and 99% of Muslims are wonderful and all/peaceful. But why can't we take immigrants who are Christian say from Europe? Why such a need to procreate the Muslim population in Canada?

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