Tuesday, October 23, 2007

"The Greenest Games Ever"

Someone has said that the Global Warming cult isn't really about climate change, it's about wanting to control other people's lives.

That appears to be true in London.

Organizers of the 2012 games have announced there will be zero capacity for cars at the games, and ticket-holders will be instructed daily on how to get to the various game venues by public transport. "We have a very aggressive programme to make it the greenest Games in modern times". Worse, they say they are doing this, not just to make the games more eco-friendly, to attempt to achieve a permanent shift in people's travel habits. In other words, they want to control our lives. Cars/individualism, bad; busses/collectivism, good.

I have two observations.

Firstly, I'll believe it when I see "important people" such as politicians and celebrities taking the busses and trains or whatever to the Olympic venues. Like Al Gore's opulent Tennessee mansion, the lifestyle changes the demi-gods of global warming demand are always aimed at the hoi polloi. Like the Russian communist leaders with their chauffeur-driven limos and dachas, they always grant themselves an exemption.

Secondly, this:

Earth to the London Olympic organizers: Think of all the C02 being emitted by the airplanes jetting people to London for the Games. Think of all the C02 emitted by ticket-holders taking cabs, busses or the tube to their hotels. Think of the cost of heating/airconditioning the hotels holding these people. Think of all the energy consumed by putting on the Games. All of that -- all of it -- could be eliminated by cancelling the games, or making them a strictly local event.

After all, the Olympics are just a sporting event; it's not like they are a necessity of life.

If you really believe that the planet faces imminent catastrophe due to man-made global warming, put your money where your mouth is -- cancel the games.

Otherwise, pass sensible anti-pollution measures [C02 is not a pollutant] and get on with living life to its fullest.

And that's the way the Ball bounces.

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