Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I Never Thought I'd Live To See The Day...

A dead Tim Hortons store. An emasculated building with all the Tim Hortons signage removed and shadowy phantom imprints where the signage used to be. A Tim Hortons gone belly-up. Never thought I'd live to see such a sight. Never seen one before. Expect I'll never see one again.

Surely they must be renovating, or, more likely yet, they've moved to another spot close by, bigger and better, I thought.

Nope. Gone. Ghosted.

I get the inside dope from the manager down the street at the Wendy's. Rumour has it it was because:
a) the rents in the mall are very high, and/or
b) there was no room at this Tim's for a drive-through.

Ah, yes. That would explain it.

We're passing through Edmundston, New Brunswick, not some tony Toronto or Vancouver downtown Tim's, and ya gotta have a drive-through. It all makes sense now.

Of course, there's another Tim's, the manager of Wendy's assures us, just down the road, and you turn left.

This is something you can pretty much count on in Canada. There's always another Tim's.

Just down the road.

And that's the way the Timbit bounces.

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