Tuesday, November 27, 2007

French Rioting -- Not Violence, An Expression of Rage

The riots have returned to France -- and you probably haven't even heard about it. The Western press has pretty much chosen to keep this news story on the back-burner. In summers past it was Muslim immigrant youth who were rioting. But the CBC used to just say they were "French youth"; the CBC has to protect us all from ourselves, our vile racist assumptions, and our utter inability to process factual information in a rational manner.

The National Post seems to be following the same path as the CBC. In an article picked up from Reuters they make no direct mention of the ethnic background of the rioters. But surely this is relevant information, is it not? Can you imagine riots in America, with the press giving no mention to the fact that it was blacks who were rioting?

The only clue to the rioters' identity is the following statement, "But Omar Sehhouli, brother of one of the victims, accused police of ramming the motorbike, then failing to help the injured teens." Mr. Sehhouli went on to add that the rioting “was not violence but an expression of rage.”

The rioting, in which six policemen were injured, was not violence. Well, that's a relief.

The article goes on to try to dampen any ideas that these are Muslims rioting by reminding us of the 2005 riots: "The violence revived memories of the 2005 riots in the country’s poor, often ethnically diverse, housing projects...".

"Ethnically diverse" means it was both black as well as Arab muslims who were rioting, perhaps along with some other rabble-rousers.

The most blatant ideological spin comes at the end of the article: the riots are blamed on the French themselves:

"Police and politicians warn the suburbs remain a 'tinderbox' two years after the 2005 riots, which exposed France’s failure to integrate its large black and Arab population, the children and grandchildren of immigrants from its African colonies."

There you have it -- it's all due to France's failure to integrate a large population -- one that has absolutely no intention of integrating. As usual, you can file this story under "It's All Our Fault".

All this from the once-great National Post.

The National Post is slowly becoming one of the forces for Western social disintegration.


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Frappeur said...

To modify the expression from Apocalypse Now, "There's nothing like the smell of burning Peugeots in the morning."

How do those French get auto insurance?

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