Thursday, November 29, 2007

Islam Needs A Christian Reformation

Over at the National Post this morning they are editorializing that Islam needs to undergo its own reformation, similar to that enjoyed by the Christian church in the 16th century.

I have two words in response to this: ni-eev.

Here's the letter I wrote in response:

The Christian reformation of the 16th century marked a return to the grace-based roots of original Christian faith. As such, it was indeed a reformation. You state that Islam needs a similar reformation, but in Islam there is nothing remotely similar to reform to. Islam was a subjugating, violent faith from the get-go. It will always be incompatible with Christianity, and Christian leaders and secularists who think otherwise are deluded.

* * *

Islam needs a reformation all right, it needs to re-group and acknowledge that Jesus was more than just a prophet second only to Mohammed, re-form, and acknowledge that Christ died for the sins of Muslims and rose gloriously, and re-emerge -- as Christianity.

And that's the way the Christian Ball bounces.

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