Thursday, July 09, 2009

We Are The World

Pardon me if my keying appears choppy -- we had a frost-warning here on Prince Edward Island last night.

The G8 are at it again. They've drawn a line in the sand. The earth's temperature shall rise "this much" and no more.

As U.K. Gordon put it: “The world has now agreed that the scientific evidence on climate change is compelling”.

"The world" has agreed?

Stop the world, I want to get off.

And that's the way the unfashionably skeptical Ball bounces.

Meanwhile, this just in from the Charlottetown Guardian: "It was the coldest night ever recorded for July 8, but farmers assessing the damage Wednesday say they escaped the brunt of frost damage."


BitterChill said...

The old "It's cold in Wagga Bagga" defence only shows your complete lack of knowedge about the climate.

Why is it cold and rainy in Charlottetown?

Anonymous said...

Bitterchill, it's cold and frosty in PEI because it's July, obviously the coldest month on the year in the north hemisphere.

Bitter Chill said...

Right. And why? And what does the current weather situation in PEI have to do with Climate Change?

itsboopchile said...

The comments need some explaining.
We, too, are having cooler temps. We do get a warm, 80's, day or two, and then it goes back down to 60.
We used to full-time, going south in the winter, as as lot of Canadians do, and back north in the summer.
Sure makes me wish we could do that now!!
Betty G

Anonymous said...

Just to check in and confirm for yourself and Joe, 6 months ago, and Jan. 12th at 8:28pm, I carried out his suggested experiment of asking "god" to make his/her/its/their presence known to me, and the results are now known: DIDDLY-SQUAT. So, now it's the Great, Wise, and Wonderful Box of Instant Mashed Potato's turn, hopefully with some actual effects this go-around.

Anonymous said...

I've had this argument with RK_Ball many times already. He has NO IDEA that "climate" and "weather" are different things. He's confuses the local weather and climate all the time.

He won't learn either - I think he's infected with 'religion'... the old 'believe, don't learn' syndrome.

Joe Agnost.

Bitter Chill said...

BK, if you are in the least bit interested in the science, even if you want to move your denialism up a notch, go here

Anonymous said...

BitterChill: "if you are in the least bit interested in the science"

He's not. He doesn't even know WHAT science is - never mind how it works.

He seems to be much happier wallowing in his ignorance... that's what religion does to a person.

joe agnost

"... nothing intellectually compelling or challenging.. bald assertions coupled to superstition... woefully pathetic"