Friday, July 31, 2009

Sahara Desert Turning Gangrene-Green: Global Warming Blamed

This just in from the National Geographic News (paraphrased by the Ball Bounces for clarity) [[note: this article is rated "PG"]]:

In yet another blow to AGW Deniers, evidence is now in that the Sahara Desert, which is supposed to be brown, is now turning a sickly gangrenous green -- and AGW Global Warming is blamed.

If this alarming trend continues, the formerly, usually, and properly, brown Sahara desert could turn into a green, vegetation-rich, farmable region.

Western leaders have reacted with alarm, and vowed to renew their efforts to save Africa from gangrenification and reset the world's temperature to the established ideal, circa 1850. World governance may be necessary.

National Geographic mentions the alarming possibility of AGW turning the Sahara into a (Parental Guidance Advised) "lush savanna" which is apparently what it was sometime well prior to 1850 I.E. (Ideal Era).

In further news, scientists reported that powerful global warming models predict that the area is expected to either become wetter or drier: "Half the models follow a wetter trend, and half a drier trend."

Either way, the cause will be global warming.

"This way" one scientist reportedly said, "we have a virtually 100% chance of being right!".

If you feel the need to refer to the actual article, it may be found here.

And that's the way the gangrenously green and lushly vegetated Ball bounces.

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johndoe124 said...

All that extra vegetation spewing its toxic CO2 into the atmosphere! This has to be stopped! Where are the Gods of G8 when you really need them?

"... nothing intellectually compelling or challenging.. bald assertions coupled to superstition... woefully pathetic"