Saturday, August 01, 2009

Sealed With A... Eeyow!

Stephen Marche over at the National Post has himself worked up into a lather over the European Union's hypocrisy over the Canadian seal hunt.

I agree with the hypocrisy. But...

"... given that Western civilization's brutality to the earth is currently causing the destruction of the Far North habitat, it is more than vulgar and stupid to accuse the Inuit of crimes against the planet."


"Brutality to the earth"?

"Destruction of the Far North"?

Seeing David Suzuki illuminating a light bulb with his bare hand didn't do it; seeing him unclothed holding up the world like Atlas didn't do it, but I am, like, so changing my light bulbs NOW!

Next, Stephen will be claiming the planet is on fire.

And that's the way the wouldn't-want-to-bump-into-Stephen-Marche-on-the-street Ball bounces.


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