Saturday, August 29, 2009

What Have We Wrought?

"My concerns about __________________________ began soon after we had our first child."

"I was a new mom, feeling very overwhelmed with the realization that I was now irreversibly responsible for this tiny creature. There was no turning back. I remember crying every day at five in the afternoon, the witching hour, my stress level at a breaking point. My husband and I would look at each other as if to say, 'What have we done?'" -- Laurie David

OK, what is it in this first decade of the 21st cc. that is going to make you cry daily and take your stress level to the breaking point?

Is it:

a) the risk of marriage break-up (1/2 of all American marriages fail)?

b) the risk of job loss and being unable to provide the necessities of life to your child?

c) loss of healthcare insurance, or the unavailability of competent medical care for your child?

d) the risk of a disabling or debilitating disease?

e) the threat of a terrorist attack?

f) nuclear annihilation? or...

g) other... _____________________

Hint: this same phobia has led school children to despair about the point of doing their homework, since we are all going to fry and the end of civilization is at hand.

Hint2: Ted Turner says it is going to lead to cannibalism.

Hint3: We've got (pick one):

a) 15 years

b) 10 years

c) 96 months

d) 5 years

to act.

Hint4: If we do act, a lot of people are going to get very, very, rich.

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