Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Deceitful Deniers Are Toxic Traitors

In this reasoned and measured article, writer Amy Hoyt Bennett rightly accuses AGW deniers of dastardly deceit and toxic treason (or, possibly, treasonous toxicity).

To which I say, "you go, girl!".

According to Amy, deniers are "agents of deception" using American passion and patriotism to draw the weak-minded into conspiracy theories, corporate-funded propaganda, and mob behavior. "The consequence of this fraud is toxic."

Toxic? I should say so -- the mob must be tracked down (with dogs if necessary) and STOPPED!

"Rational thought and factual evidence have been swept aside with these specious arguments".


"Peer-reviewed scientists overwhelmingly understand humans are changing the climate."

Exactly. Only scientists who have not been reviewed by their peers would disagree.

"Passionate but hoodwinked citizens are being provoked into us-versus-them scenarios that squelch real solutions."

Exactly. That's why we AGW believers refuse to get into an us-versus-them battle with irrational, deceiving, toxic, mob-ruled AGW deniers.

"All of this smoke and mirrors ---- "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!" ---- disrupts democratic discourse."

I could not agree more -- so, come on, stop all the hand-waving Al Gore, and let the rest of us get on with the program!

"The end result is that those with a vested interest in preserving the status quo ---- big corporations ---- succeed in blocking critical reform."

Absolutely. Big corporations like Enron, which was salivating over carbon credits. And companies that stand to profit from big-government proscriptions and prescriptions -- from new-tech light bulbs, wind energy, carbon credit schemes, etc. Not to mention Big Science -- and the countless thousands who now depend on alarmism to fuel the beast of government-funded AGW science.

"What counts more; emotional spin or overwhelming evidence and rational debate?"

Exactly, to put it another way, when the planet is on fire, the earth has a fever, and there's a monster lurking in the dark, it's time to put aside emotional rhetoric and ACT. First George Bush cooked the planet, now Barack Obama is cooking the books, and this means... our goose is cooked -- we're toast!!!

"we need the political will to avert a climate catastrophe for future generations. Drought, fires and sea level rise are here"

Exactly. Unlike never-ever before in the history of the planet. Not to mention shrunken sheep you can fit inside a man's pocket!!!

article snip - Plan A -- cap-and-trade vs. Plan B -carbon credits.

... "This is the discussion we should be having, but the deceivers ---- those who commit "treason against the great republic of human nature" ---- are drowning out the conversation."

The sea levels are rising and the deniers are drowning out the conversation. Don't you people get it? THEY MUST BE STOPPED BEFORE WE ALL DROWN!!!

"For the good of our nation and our world, they must be ignored."

I'M IGNORING THEM (fingers in ears)!

"AMY HOYT BENNETT lives in Encinitas and is a volunteer with the Citizens Climate Lobby."

And they would restore the "'" in Citizens, but they like the ambiguity of not revealing whether there's one or more of them.


robins111 said...

Far be it for me to point out that it's been a while since the air was changed in this girls head

treb said...

Deranged comes to my mind.She should be fitted with the Al Gore straight jacket and placed somewhere where she will only be able to talk to like minded Gore-ites.This type of venom is the talk of the insane or to be polite Gore talk..Put her away quick before she infests the planet.

"... nothing intellectually compelling or challenging.. bald assertions coupled to superstition... woefully pathetic"