Tuesday, August 25, 2009

On the Road Again - PEI to Toronto (pt. 2)

Breath-taking moment driving north on I-91 from Derby, Vermont-- the mountains, the mists hugging the low-lying areas...

Side-trip to St. Viateur Bagels in orthodox section of Montreal. Bought three dozen sesame seed bagels and showed total discipline by limiting my in-car munching to exactly one. The smell of the bagels kept me company all day -- as did the audio book on the Wright Brothers that I'm all most finished -- about 16 or 18 hours worth -- I got 8 minutes to go --guess I'll find out if their flying ideas ever got off the ground!

Ate at Mexico Lindo, authentic Mexican, in Whitby.

Arrived Toronto about 6pm. All-in-all a great drive. 1800 km. total.

I'm thankful for a safe trip.

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