Sunday, August 16, 2009

It's Getting Scary! scratch that Scarier!!

I just finished putting the last scary post to bed and wham! another scary global warming article. It's getting so scary out there, it's... scary.

Now I'm not going to sleep tonight. Worrying about global warming was bad enough -- (virtual) tossing and turning all night ('cause I was too scared about CO2 emissions to actually toss and turn -- what I do instead is just move my index finger back and forth so as to minimize my CO2, er, fingerprint) -- and now this:

"Tell me Roger, which should I be worried about?

A) The current cooling trend?

B) The
2,000 year warming trend?

C) The (still on going)
10,000 year cooling trend?

D) The
20,000 year warming trend?

E) The
30 million year cooling trend?

To which I say, "Eeyikes!" Worrying about global warming was bad enough -- but, now I have to worry about global warming and global cooling?!!!

I'll be tossing and turning all night...

PS I don't know who Roger is, but I hope he has the answers!

Earth to Roger -- help us, please!!!

(To which Roger hopefully says, "Roger!".)

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