Sunday, August 16, 2009

Our Goose Is Cooked!

Readers of The Ball Bounces are getting pretty tired of hearing the same old re-hashed AGW cliches -- "the earth has a fever", "the planet is on fire" -- and rightly so.

Here's a new one
thanks to this. (see comments)

"We're cooking our planet".

Pretty good, huh -- puts the blame where it belongs, on "us", while still providing a nice buzz -- we're not just warming the planet; we're cooking it!!!!!

Expect articles exposing frizzled vegetation and frazzled populations to follow...

Here's another comment from the same post:

"I see a fairly obvious correlation between individuals who do not (wish to) believe that global warming/climate change is happening at all..and those that cannot seem to understand that cool/wet local weather does not somhow disprove that global warming/climate change does not exist."

So, deniers are trying to disprove that global warming/climate change does not exist -- wouldn't that make them global warming believers, or, at least, "seekers"?

It's all so hard to understand. Sometimes I feel like throwing my hands in the air and yelling, "hockey sticks!".

(But then I remember the catastrophic effect such an action would have on this overheated planet, and instead I try to relax and type s l o w l y so as to minimize my CO2 producing behaviors.)

We're cooking the planet and soon we'll be toast!

And that's the way the hot-under-the--collar Ball bounces.

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