Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Lawlessness in Caledonia

Having been born, raised, and educated in Ontario and as a consequence committed all my life to the peaceful rule of law, I can only say that
this story fills me with something that feels more like fury than anger.

Am I the only one?

What this family has endured at the hands of lawless, coddled individuals should be made into a movie for the whole world to see. Better yet, maybe the the lovable CBC should just do its thing and turn this sorry episode into a laugh-a-minute sitcom -- call it Little House Near the Reservation.

We're supposed to be equal before the law. Apparently, some of us are "more equal than others".

And that's the way the Ontario-born Ball bounces.

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Hoarfrost said...

Until now the vigilantes have all been on the Indian side. Lawful government ought to recognise this and act to prptect ordinary Canadians from trauma.

Kerry Forrest said...

I wrote with something like fury on this issue on my blog after hearing the Lowell Green show. Posted the show on my blog.

Anyways all I can say, this is perhaps the worse shrinking from duty by a government I have heard of in Canada. The biggest role the government has in my mind is to protect individuals from coercive forces by other individuals or groups that strip them from their freedoms.

This case, in my country, is a huge dereliction of this intrinsic duty of the government of all levels. We willingly, if grudgingly, pay taxes and uphold our civic duties in trust that this is the minimum amount of responsibility due to us from our government.

Without the government taking actions to ensure this is met, what country are we?

I just can't quite express how this makes me feel, and how much this raises concern for all of us in the future.

Anonymous said...

If the reports are correct, this couple have to carry a native issued passport to gain access to their home or to get away from it. Since the issuance of passports is the proprietary perview of an independent nation, it would seem that these criminals have declared themselves to be no longer a part of Canada. Since this was done arbitrarily, with no recourse to the courts or the government of Canada, this is an act of sedition and should be treated as such.

johndoe124 said...

I think Kerry has essentially hit the nail on the head. It's an abdication of the fundamental purpose of government. "Peace, Order and Good Government?" Dalton has failed miserably on all three counts. Worst government in the history of Ontario.

Martin said...

In 65 years I have never been so ashamed of Ont. That the full weight of government, Premier, Crown Attorney, police and lawyers could be brought on the side of organized crime, against home owners, is unbelievable. Where is CBC, CTV and their investgative news shows? Where is the other MSM?
Why was this not an issue in the recent election? In a democracy you get the government you deserve, with this regime you get one that will completely abandon
the safety of citizens, in the face of an armed criminal mob.

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