Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Ralph Kramden Makes Good

Ralph Kramden always had a scheme going. Sure, he had no phone. He had no TV. He had no car. He had no iPod, iPad, iChat, iWorks, iBook or iPhone. But he had his dreams. And his schemes. Why? Ralph was a lowly NYC bus driver. You couldn't afford the "good life" on a bus driver's salary.

Fast-forward to 2010.

It's not sewer-work.

But, surely it's the next best thing.

And that's the way the wanna-be bus-drivin' Ball bounces.

Meanwhile, the TTC union head assures us being a TTC worker is "hell". In response, I suggest long-suffering customers offer all TTC workers Get-Out-Of-Hell-Free walking papers.


Lynn said...

"But Mr. Kinnear also acknowledged some staff are not perfect"

I believe in all my decades on Earth,this is the first time I've ever heard a spokesman for anyone admit they aren't perfect!

You caught my attention with the Ralph Kramden headline, and I hoped the article would reveal some missing "Honeymooners" tapes that had been found. Sigh.

It's one comedy I never tire of seeing in reruns,and Art Carney and Jackie Gleason are to me, two of the finest comedic actors ever.

The fact that a bus driver earns a lot of money doesn't bother me too much. At least he actually provides a service,unlike many "consultants" who make way more than the bus drivers, and we never see any results from their work,if they actually DO any.


lastchancetosee said...

I highly doubt that you want to be a bus driver.
I don't want to imagine the amount of overtime that guy put in to get paid twice as much in overtime as he got regularly.
If we assume that overtime pays double and the base salary is the quoted 26$, the amount he earned works out to 10hours/day 24/7.

RkBall said...

You're right -- I really don't wanna be a bus driver -- too much stoppin' and startin'. I do have a secret wish to be a truck driver though; problem is, I would be useless at backing up. I think I'd be OK on the open road.

P@J said...

If overtime was at double the base rate, the guy worked almost 80 hours a week, every week. ($54K for his regular 8-hour day, 5 days a week; $105K for an extra 2020 hours in the year, or about 39 per week). So if he limited himself to working 7 days a week, he worked eleven and a half hours every one of those days.

He would not be allowed to do that in BC, as he would exceed the allowable commercial driver hours under provincial law.

Anyway, guy gets paid because he works hard, I thought you protestant types were all about being rewarded for hard work.

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