Friday, May 25, 2012

Canadian Judges Get It Right On 194th Try

A guy who has been involved in not one or two but six police car chases and who has been convicted -- not charged, convicted -- one hundred and ninety three times has finally, finally had his license permanently suspended and sentenced to life in prison (which in Canada means he has to serve at least ten years).

Too bad somebody had to die for this to happen.

A relative boohooed that the sentence was too long and wouldn't work to rehabilitate him.

To which my first inclination, in light of the death involved, is to say, "tough".

And that's the way the Ball bounces.


Anonymous said...

What we need in Canada are harsher penalties for drunk driving and a complete revamp of the criminal code that allows for such harsh penalties. Canada should look to other countries as an example on how to deal with drunk driving:

El Salvador, death by firing squad,
Turkey, death penalty,
Iran, death by hanging,
Saudi Arabia, beheading
Libya, death by firing squad,
Tanzania, death by hanging,
Yemen, shot on the spot by police or military,
United Arab Emirates, up to 100 lashes for first offence, death for second,
China, a very long prison sentence for first offence, death for second,
Bulgaria, death for Second offence,
Syria, shot on the spot by police,
Egypt, life sentence for first offence or shot on the spot by police if suspect is uncooperative,
North Korea, Death by firing squad,
Sudan, death by hanging or firing squad,
Iraq, death for second offence,
Afghanistan, shot on the spot by police or local tribal authority,

BTW these countries don't have many issues with drunk driving!

Pissedoff said...

Ottawa man's killer to spend year in jail

john said...

They say even a broken clock is right twice a day.

So what does this decision tell us?

That a broken clock is almost 100 times more effective at doing its job than a Canadian judge.

No big surprise there.

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