Wednesday, May 16, 2012

"We Own UQAM!": Social Justice Has Been Good To Quebec Student Protesters

UQAM à Montréal
UQAM à Montréal (Photo credit: racineur)
"They chanted, 'Who owns UQAM? We own UQAM!'">

Plus, they think they deserve free tuition.

So, they "own" an existing institution they didn't pay for in the past, and think they have a right to free tuition in the present and future. What does that make the rest of us, who actually pay for all of this? Slaves. Their slaves.

Which is entirely consistent with the basic instincts of socialism: my rights at your expense.

And that's the way the Ball bounces.

PS. Protesters who wear masks in public are cowards.

Please comment but keep the language decent. Any defenders of the students out there?


Anonymous said...

Check out on the site of CJAD 800 the video of the masked demonstrators invading classrooms at the University of Quebec today. A courageous law student filmed them.

There were chairs thrown, banging on the desks, spraypaint on a wall.

And this at one of the institutions that had voted to go back. So you can imagine for the others.

The fascism of the left.

Anonymous said...

A better translation would be: UQAM is ours now!

Anon1152 said...

I'm willing to defend the students' position (not necessarily their actions) if they are willing to pay the higher taxes themselves (once they have graduated, are older, etc).

It would be interesting to look into the way to institutionalize such a commitment.

Anonymous said...

The mountain has given birth to a mouse. Charest press conference announces semester suspended til end of August. They should have enforced the resumption of classes now. Thanks for nothing.

Anonymous said...

it is past time to arrest and punish these so called students.

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