Sunday, June 03, 2012

The Eaton's Shooter -- Why The Foot-Dragging On The Perp's Description?

You've seen it portrayed a hundred times. A hit goes down. Police sirens blare. Within minutes a description hits the airwaves. The shooter's on the run and the police and public, aided by the media, are on the lookout!

But that's fiction. In 21st cc. Toronto it takes about a day to figure out how to issue a press release on what the perp looks like.

Why the foot dragging?

Why haven't the police issued a description of the shooter and why haven't the media asked why they haven't? Working on polishing a PC press release? Want to give the guy a fightin' chance to get away? Don't want to offend the sensibilities of the white community (assuming he's white)?

One thing seems certain. The safety and security of the community is not the paramount concern in 21st cc. Toronto police work.

Shame on the Toronto police, and shame on a complicit media.


fernstalbert said...

What are they worried about - more gang violence? Enough already - when the peace and safety of the innocent public is at risk - every effort should be made to publicize the perp's description. Cheers.

Pissedoff said...

The Ottawasun reported dark skinned and black. But got the descriptions from bystanders.

RkBall said...

I'm wondering where social media is in this -- you would think there would have been dozens of descriptions by now.

robins111 said...

You just know they're sitting there trying to twist this story into an anti Harper, anti gun snivel fest, All the while making sure there isn't a possibility of accusation of racial profiling.

Alain said...

I think Robins 111 is on to something, but left out the twist of the shooter also being a right-wing Christian.

paulsstuff said...

The best I've heard recently in regards to other shootings was CP24 describing a suspect as "non-white"

RkBall said...

"I think Robins 111 is on to something,"

So do I.

The question "how can we blame someone other than the shooter" takes time to answer. It has to simmer. It has to incubate.

RkBall said...

CP24 describing a suspect as "non-white"

Interesting that in the description of the suspect the only word that appears is "white", even if it is negated.

Will the next white shooter be described as "non-colored"? THAT would bring screams of racism!

Anonymous said...

If Obamma had a son............
Cheers Bubba

Lynn said...

Non-white? Is that like "off-white"?

Robins 111, exactly,somehow,this will turned against Harper,pinheads are working overtime to figure out how.

The asst cop chief says this doesn't define Toronto. I beg to differ. This case exactly defines Toronto, and all that is wrong with the socialist turkeys in that city that won't back harsh laws for violent criminals.

The perp apparently was sitting in prison for five years, waiting for the day he could get revenge.

That day just arrived.

Anon1152 said...

OK. Though I will convince no one, here is my best attempt at a response.


1. Your post was just over 12 hours after the event. Wanting a description of the perpetrator may be premature.

2. Use of the word "non-white" is hardly anti-white (though this does sound almost like a pun). It suggests that everyone has to be defined in terms of their whiteness (or non-whiteness).

3. The Globe has recently suggested that the shooter (or at least a shooter of some sort) was "black", and they used the word black.

4. I haven't seen any anti-harper messages about this (though I'm sure you can find some... you can find anything on the internet). I've seen nothing suggesting that there is an anti-right-wing-christian reaction at all. Anti-right-wing christian responses after events like this usually come after a right wing Christian shoots someone. I see no reason why an "anti-gun" response is inappropriate.

5. Why is race the most relevant factor here? Is it a factor at all? The fact that you are immediately interested in race might suggest something about you...


OK. So. There's my best response to RkBall et al. Or at least, it's the best I can put together in 5 minutes.

I should say that I'm not against releasing a description of the suspect (if there is a solid suspect) and I'm not against using racial terms like black or white.

I do find one of the phenomena described here amusing though:

Anon1152 said...

Interestingly, a Toronto city counsellor has just blamed "bleeding hearts" for creating people like the Eaton's Centre shooter

"... nothing intellectually compelling or challenging.. bald assertions coupled to superstition... woefully pathetic"