Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Greek Olympian Given The Boot: Announcing "Celebrity SafeTweets"™

Charlie Sheen does the Sunday Comics
Charlie Sheen does the Sunday Comics (Photo credit: susie.c)
A Greek Olympian's career bites the dust because of a Tweet that with a bit of tweaking could have been used on Leno. 

This is gonna lead to tweet-chill™!

Future tweets from athletes and other public figures: 

"Another sunny day!"; 

"Let's all give peace a chance!"; 

"All we need is love"; 

People are the greatest!"; 

"We are the world!". 

"I love everybody!"; 

"Little kittens, adorable puppies, warm milk and cookies!"

In fact, this gives me a business idea. 

Announcing Celebrity SafeTweets™ -- an internet service that automatically generates innocuous, inclusive, gender-neutral (male/female/other) tweets for busy  celebrities. Here's my advertising pitch: "Scared of career-ending motor-mouth tweets? Keep it safe and cut out the middle-man (your brain): subscribe to Celebrity SafeTweets!™  

Slogans: "Celebrity SafeTweets -- Sweet!™" and, "Celebrity SafeTweets: "How Tweet It Is!™"

Charlie Sheen will be my celebrity spokthperthon.

Another winning idea from the Ball Bounces!

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Anonymous said...

What's so surprising about an Olympic athlete; that's par for the course.
Basically all the Olympics mean to me is that the news programs I watch will be disrupted by Olympic propoganda
Of course the news programs from the two major networks are filled with leftist and environut propoganda and the third network is rushing to catch up, so I'm not missing much.

RkBall said...

What, it's not about an amateur athletic contest?!

"... nothing intellectually compelling or challenging.. bald assertions coupled to superstition... woefully pathetic"