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A Conservative Writers Reading List

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So many writers, so little time? A concise article  from M.D. Harmon outlining must-read Conservatives.

MARK STEYN: .... If it’s a full accounting of our fin de siecle dystopian decadence you’re after, Steyn has not only observed the beast in its native habitat, he has shot it, stuffed it and mounted its head over his mantel....  
THOMAS SOWELL: .... Of all his works, “The Vision of the Anointed” is perhaps the best place to start, as in its pages he dissects the internal worldview of the left, showing how they exalt themselves over the rest of humanity as the ones whose ideas best suit them to rule everyone else.... 
MICHAEL BARONE: .... Like so many other conservative writers, he used to be liberal, but was “mugged by reality” in his native Detroit and now applies his substantial learning and experience to the issues of the day. 
CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: If anyone could turn the word “curmudgeonly” into a term of warm affection, it is this psychiatrist-turned-Washington-Post-and-Fox-News commentator, whose take-no-prisoners attitude toward liberal follies (and, sometimes, liberals themselves) is his most endearing characteristic.... 
JONAH GOLDBERG: .... His work of social analysis, “Liberal Fascism,” with its bright red cover enlivened with a yellow Hitleresque smiley face, nailed down the left-wing sources of not only socialism and communism, but German and Italian fascist ideology as well.... 
VICTOR DAVIS HANSON: .... “Mark Steyn without the snark”.... If you want to know how much we have sacrificed on the pagan altars of egalitarianism, moral relativity and “multicultural diversity” — and to be reminded of the only way in which we can restore those losses, and the price we will have to pay if we want to do that — Hanson is the go-to guy. 
JOHN FRARY: .... He cracks me up. (But his website, the Frary Home Companion, keeps crashing my computer.)
Plus some recommended websites and female leaders/writers. Conservative writers? Start here.

PS -- Christmas is coming -- buy their books and spread some reality-based good sense if not good cheer around.

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